is 10 years old this month!

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  1. I joined Stangnet almost 5 years ago - shortly after I bought my '87 GT. I quickly learned the valuable resources offered to us via people who hang out in the tech forums, and discovered the more relaxed sections like 5.0 talk and the BHR which are just fun to hang out in.

    Stangnet rules!
  2. Stangnet has helped me make the right decisions as far as buying the correct parts for modifying my car and for maintaining it. . With the help of its members, I was able to build my car to what it used to be (it was totaled a few weeks ago). Even though my Mustang is gone, I still browse the forums and post every now and then because I love this place. I even bought the stickers and the license plate frame to support the forums. I've been a member for 4 years now and plan to stay for a while longer.

    Viva la :SNSign:
  3. Happy Birthday StangNet!!!

    Wow, I'm realizing that I've been around here for over 50% of these Forums' life. Still don't have the Mustang though.... but I'm now the owner of an old Mercury Cougar that needs more work every time I look at her. I'm a member of a couple of Cougar-specific forums, yet I find myself always here; taking in the hints, tips, straight-talk, fun, merriment, and plain camraderie that is the hallmark of a thriving, far-flung family!

    Speaking of family; digest this as you read these pages..... My oldest daughter, known to hang out around here -mostly on Classics Talk- met up with "a guy" at their last duty station.
    (OBTW: both of these "kids" are proud serving members of the United States Army) :flag:
    After a few trips to the "Auto/Hobby Shop" and four-wheeling through the swamps at Ft Polk Louisiana; they found out yet another commonality; as "the boy" was and is still somewhat of a regular on the 5.0 and SVT forums. They seem to like each other quite a bit; are engaged, and may well have gone off to the Ft Bragg Chaplain and gotten married (Army parents are often the last to know!). And Mrs StangDreamin and myself have been informed that we are to become grandparents in the next few months.

    I know Cowgirl Tink and SVTCobra306 aren't the first "StangNet Soldiers"; nor the first "StangNet Couple"; nor will their child be the first "Stangnet Baby"; but how about a trifecta of hits?
    Hey - might Mrs StangDreamin' and I catch Honorable Mention as StangNet Grandparents??? :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Thanks, StangNet; for being part of our family.
  4. members helped me to overcome a near death crash in my 1st and congratulated me on my 2nd
  5. i have been using stangnet for over 4 years and it has been awsome,great knowledgable people,better than those chevy guys website:rlaugh:
    thanks everyone for being here and having a place were people can help each other out:SNSign::SNSign::SNSign:

    crap just relized readingback its acctullay been 7 years wow
  6. I'm one of the original members, I had to recreate my account a long while back but yeah I remember when Stangnet launched, I was on the Corral and then it wasn't long before I was over here all the time.

    Thanks and congrats guys!
  7. Heh, yeah I used to go into that chat too, lol.
  8. I'm also one of the first year members. Been here since Nov. '98. I've belonged to several Mustang sites over the years (and still do), but Stangnet has always been my favorite one. It's seen me through the builds of several Mustangs. Although I don't post as much as I used to, I still check in to see who's doing what. I 've been building, racing, and cruising Mustangs for over 30 years, and I've always enjoyed getting information from other Stangers here, and helping out other members when I can. "Happy Anniversary" Stangnet!!!!!:nice:
  9. I've used the site countless times as a resource and finally signed up. Stangnet helped me get my first Mustang back on the road many times!
  10. My friend joined in 2000. For 1 year he talked about all this cool stuff he has learned, and how cool this Mustang was, or how fast this Mustang was. For 1 year, I thought to myself, I'm not joining, that's stupid, or I don't want to type to people online.....

    Here I am in 2008 with over 3,000 tech posts, and probably 5,000+ talk posts...who knows really....

    Anyways, it's been a great time, I have met some great members (online) and I wish there was a way that we could all meet up, but with jobs, families, bad economy, that would be impossible. I just hope to have another 7 great years on SN with all of you.

  11. Wow! 10 years already!

    I was reading the Stangnet forums back when the site first came online. I had never been a member of a message forum back then, so it took me nearly a year before I quit trolling and created an account so I could post.

    My how things have changed. There were no titles back then, or avatars, no post counts, and digital camera's cost thousands of dollars. Nobody knew what a ricer was and turbochargers belonged on diesel trucks.

    When I signed up, I was still in college. Broke as could be, but dreaming of restoring my classic mustang as soon as I finished school. I'm proud to say that I've achieved everything I wanted to with this car, and a heck of a lot more. I couldn't have done it without stangnet.

    Thank-you stangnet!

  12. I just feel old now :(
  13. you are old.

    good job on not selling out the site !!
  14. Been here almost 9 yrs now, good times. Made a lot of friends here.

    And a thank you to Stangnet and everyone here who prayed for/thought of me at the time of my accident. I never expected all those get well cards and what not A really great thing to wake up to.
  15. Man I remember when your accident happened and thinking damn I really hope everything works out for you. How did your recovery go and how are you doing now? Please PM me the details

    GroverDill, You are old.. Hell half the old timers are old and I'm married with two kids now. :eek:

    Can we say Junior Dragsters? :rock:
  16. I joined StangNet when I purchased my 2007 Mustang GT, which is the first Ford I have owned. The owner's guide and workshop manual are useful, but I sure learned a lot about the vehicle from the folks here.

    In the case of some "issues" with the car, I found that I was not alone. Helpful suggestions have certainly made my Mustang experience more pleasant. :nice:

    And thanks to the mods for their technical expertise, and keeping the forum fun while encouraging a certain degree of decorum. :cheers:

  17. Wow it's been ten years.. LOL that does make me feel old..

    it's funny how much things in my life have changed in those ten years since I joined here as mikez28 to spam this site and fight with mustang owners.

  18. here's an early screenshot...

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  19. my first car was a mustang, and unfortunately i don't even own one anymore. Figured I'd stop by and see what was up, and man, the forum has changed quite a bit from way back when.

    btw, what determines a 'founding member' ? lol i didn't have this title last time i came here...