is 10 years old this month!

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  1. I started on here with a 4 banger 8 years ago.
  2. I feel old.
  3. I've been here for a few years and have enjoyed all of it :nice: I plan on being here for many years to come as well.

    I've met some really good people from this website and consider this website my "home base" :rlaugh:
  4. i love this site. it has guided me through my v6 years. then on to my 4.6L GT months. and now i hope it will follow me onto my SVT years and beyond.
  5. I remember I just got a new job, and it was my first time on the

    First day at work, I yahoo searched (no google at the time...or least I didn't know about it) Ford Mustang and stumbled across Stangnet.

    The site has been a great resouce for tech and some of the people I have met on here have become great friends and have helped me work through some hard times as well as helped me celebrate a lot of good times as well.

    I've been on and off for the past year or so...but this site has been a huge part of my internet life for the past (almost) ten years....


  6. Im not dude, and ive been here since 2000..

    Ive met Mike a few times. I was a moderator for "FocusFrenzy" a spin off of Stangnet about the ford focus.

    Ive had 5 mustangs... 3 foxes and 2 newer style. Just recently picked up a 1989 5.0 convert. :

    Congrats :SNSign:
  7. Happy Birthday Stangnet! I joined in August of 2000 on your second birthday when you were just a wee lad, about 2 weeks after I purchased my first Classic Mustang and ran into my first gremlin, in fact I just turned 40 myself this month so I guess I have spent almost 25% of my life here.

    I wish I could go back to see my first post again but I'm sure all us Founding Members remember the great board wipe of 05', all that history lost forever, boy were things different. I can remember wielding quite a flamethrower back then and on the BANNED fence more than once, ahhh, good times! (I'm sure Hopkinators ears are buring right now wherever he is.)

    I guess I can mostly accurately say that I learnt everything I know about Classic Mustangs from reading Stangnet (and a good portion of that from the great SuperDave and of course Chepsk8), still learn something new every now and again too I guess. Certainly don't spend as much time here as I used to but when I do it's mostly to pay it forward and answer as opposed to ask so the next wave of newbies have the same reliable source of info that I so heavily relied on and blindly trusted thru way too many "my car won't start", "it's runninng like crap" or "what would you do" days.
  8. I've been here for a couple of years....pretty much always lurking in the 94-95 specific section. Through the big crash of 04, and a million other high and low points, I've found about 30 people in the world that I have never met, but would gladly trust with my car more than most people I know in the real world.

    P.S the 94-95 section is the bestest evar. :p
  9. Long Live !!.
  10. ... now? Interestingly enough, I don't know if I would have found SCS if it weren't for this place.

    You're old school StangNet IRC peeps, forever at the top of the list :nice:

    Oh, MRugburns, where hath you gone?
  11. ppffft! Radburns is hiding since you showed up!
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  13. Almost missed this thread. No longer have a Stang but still visit this site time to time. Been the longest one I have been a part of. Never gets old, unlike me.....