StangNet Empire Ford Mustang Car Cover Sweepstakes

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    OK, Ford Mustang fans…we are kicking off a new concept for the StangNet community. As your powers of observation have informed you, we are setting one lucky winner up with a chance to win a quality car cover from Empire Covers. This sweepstakes is via Facebook for a free car cover, and the winner gets a choice in style & color of a Mustang Car Cover for his or her ride.
    Be sure to head over to our StangNet Fan Page on Facebook and enter for FREE! Also, pay special mind that for every friend you refer and enter, you will get an additional sweepstakes entry as well. Pretty cool, right?! The lucky winner of this contest will be chosen at random at the end of November. So, what are you waiting for–get to LIKING StangNet a bit more and tell all of your friends about this cool giveaway!
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