Stangnet Forums Hacked? - Solved

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by golf4283, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. Has anyone else been being redirected to buy Justin Beiber tickets when going to Stangnet? I can sometimes get through and then sometimes I'm redirected to buy tickets through ticketmaster Austrailia.

    This doesn't happen to me on any other website except stangnet so I don't think it's my computer. Anyone else?
  2. I think your pc has been infected with the bieber virus, I'm afraid he only way to get it out is to take the pc outside and set it on fire.....
  3. haha I wish it were so. I just don't understand how it's only this website that does it.
  4. You may have picked up a bug that interracts with one or more of the google ads allowed on the forum. Scan your machine for the presence of an executable called "doubleclick".
  5. Just ran an ad-aware scan and it got rid of some tracking cookie. Seems to be working fine now so who knows. hopefully that was it.
  6. Thats the only way Justin Beiber can sell tickets
  7. I heard if you buy the Bieber tickets the Virus self cleans your PC. Have fun at the concert with 12 year olds. Try not to look creepy as the security will probably bring you back stage to have Bieber sit on your lap.
  8. site is definitely compromised. Just here for a awhile before I return..

  9. Really? You posted this in my Feedback and Testing zone?