StangNet GT500 Project

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  1. Time to start keeping an updated thread of our new GT500 and its progress.

    Currently she is at Classic Design Concepts having her make over done. We put alot of thought into all the options for this GT500.

    Her debut will be at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle at the end of this month then on to Tulsa 2 weeks later for the Mid America meet. Final stop of the year she will be on display at the CDC booth at SEMA.

    Current list of ongoing modifications:

    Custom CDC GT500 Glassback roof
    Custom CDC GT500 Lower Front Grill
    Custom CDC GT500 Ducktail Spoiler
    CDC Lovered C Pillar
    Key Colored Painted Mirrors, Rocker, Headlight bezels, Front Spoiler
    Painted GT500 Stripes
    2008 HID GT500 Headlights

    CCW SP20 19" Wheels 11" wide rears
    MRT KC Axle Back & H-Pipe
    Steeda GT500 Coil Overs with D-Specs

    Rockford Fosgate Mustang Shaker 500 Upgrade System
    (amps, subs, speakers, head unit reprogram)

    Stay tuned for updates. :SNSign:



    ..and in case you are wondering... NO i have NOT gotten to drive her yet :/
  2. Cant waite to see it done
  3. Saw the Stangnet GT500 Project car at the Mid-America Ford Performance Meet in Tulsa, OK. The GT500 IS OUTSTANDING! The photos do not begin to do it justice. From every angle the car is a winner. No surprises here as Stangnet and Classic Design Concepts have combined to create a real showstopper. The GT500 is another example of the long line of winning Classic Design Concepts tastefully restyling Mustangs. Add the Stangnet input and the result is an beautifull example of the brand.
  4. I would to see some current pix of this bad boy. :jaw:
  5. you should also do a KB
  6. cuz that would kick azz

  7. Well, how about now? Updates? :shrug:

  8. I'm still lovin' the car! :)

    I drive it once a week when I can. Currently looking at a tune from VMP for my CNL MAF and the new wheels from the 2010 GT500 are probably going on her as well. :)
  9. Nice!!!!!!!

    Let me know whenever your cruising, I'm in the Ft. Benning, GA area..., well once I have my clutch and flywheel replaced. Are there any shops other than ford dealerships in the Auburn area?
  10. You HAVE to go with VMP tuning!

    I have the VMP 2.63" upper pulley with 90 mm idler pulley, FRPP CAI, and custom tune on my SCTx3 from Justin at VMP tuning and IT IS RIDICULOUS the difference this set-up makes.

    I am going to do the IW 10% overdrive crank damper that comes on the CJ's and the VMP throttle body with big inlet elbow next.

    Justin says over 600hp/600torque at the wheels is "easily doable" with that set-up and the stock blower!

    My Shelby is a completely different animal with just the tune,pulleys,CAI swap! The pulley tool from VMP made the install really easy and it took somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 hour start to finish.

    We are based out of the Metro Atlanta area and deal exclusively with Justin and his products at VMP tuning for GT500's.

    PM me with any questions!
  11. it's look great :) i would like to see more pictures :)