~StangNet Holiday Raffle - From Me, FREE~

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by CobraRed_96_GT, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Mr. Handz Takes 42 FTW!!!
  2. #24 please. this is a great idea and i really appreciate it :nice: your drawing are sick looking too.
  3. Wha??? :shrug: Nobody's taken 69 yet???

    Oh wait... I see it up there now.

    96 then!
  4. Man, you've got some talent! And I'll take #77!
  5. thanks, i started off drawing cars. Then moved into people (mainly women, they're more diverse). But i still enjoy drawing cars once and awhile, i have a 1/4 size C5 Z06 that i drew on my wall but this is mainly what i do:

    lol, you'd never know since ima poly sci major and a business minor. I wanted to take some art classes and go into automotive design, but i don't have a detailed enough imagination - i need to be looking at something, which is still good for never taking an art class

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  6. #26.

    I want that filter. lol
  7. #99... happy holidays!
  8. Happy Holidays!

    I just missed 33! :(

    um.... 66
  9. Hey,that is very good of you CobraRed_96_GT. :nice:

    I will take 45.

    And Merry Christmas to everyone.
  10. I have a really good feeling i am gonna win this
  11. Lets see here. Cant go wrong with lucky 80
  12. the probabilities on my calc say otherwise:p
  13. i wrecked my car :( i need sympathy. lmfao jk but it would be cool if i won! :)
  14. 18- because my car got stolen on the 18th of December. I could use the drop in for the new stang i will be getting though :)
  15. Put me down for 75. Damn cool of you to do this.
  16. #40 for me thanks. If I win, you're an awesome person, if not you suck! I'm dead serious :).