Stangnet Is My Facebook

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  1. I've held out this long w out a Fb and I don't believe I'll get one but I'll stangnet my ass off
  2. Don't Facebook myself. Who has time to update their already busy life? Plus, workplace policies governing FB have already gotten a few in hot water, I'll leave it be. I will admit, as more and more companies and businesses go to FB for communication, including dragstrips, I have considered creating one, but that is the only reason.

  3. I have one, but don't actually post content or put pictures on there. It does help with communicating with friends from college and such, but the most ill post is once every couple months and its usually something like "happy 4th of July".

    You can still use FB without feeling the need to post a picture every time you wipe your butt.
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  4. check it every day. I like staying in touch, which is kinda hard when you've moved or deployed 9 times in 9.5 years. The only place to stay in touch conveniently with all of those people is facebook.

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  6. Facebook is evil. Do a Google of Zuckerburg and what he thinks about your PI and privacy.
  7. PI? Penis implant?
  8. :doh:

    Really... I can think of about 100 other things for PI except that... In the market for one?


    PI= Personal Information
  9. perhaps he'd be better served with the implant :shrug:
  10. Mehh,...Guess I gotta keep up my crotchedy image.:nonono:

    Whether it be facebook,..or a forum like this, it is an addiction for alot of people. I have to admit I check in here several times daily. It is even worse when I'm in "build mode".

    It's a community. Specific enough to be significantly different from the generalities of a facebook account, ( which I personally despise) despite that, I rationalize my constant pecking away at this keyboard to my wife as "I'm answering somebodies questions,..or I'm making a comment about"......

    In reality,...I see it as I get to hang out at whoever's garage that happens to have his door open,..( Cybernetically speaking of course) and likewise for anybody else who happens by when there is a light streaming out in the driveway from mine.

    The cool thing about that is I can hang out, or go to bed, all will be here tomorrow.
  11. My cyber garage is fully stocked with beers and b!tches
  12. The beer needs to be Irish, and as log as the b itches are stapled to the wall,..I should be Ok
  13. I could have used an actual person in my garage tonight instead of behind a screen. One man cage installs are a PITA as I found out.

    But I guess my eCritics are helpful usually ;)
  14. You shouldn't be installing a cage anyway. There's more space in the car without one :D
  15. Should he go with an ebay implant or one from Wild Rides? They're cheaper on Ebay, but I don't know what kind of material they're made out of.:p
  16. Your lyin'..that ain't your garage. (maybe the door going out to your garage)
    Although made by Guiness,..I prefer Smithwicks. It's not as heavy, or as bitter.
  17. See now that's what I'm talking about. In a case like this, it would be wise to spend the extra money considering the potential abuse the product may be subjected to.

    (Unless you want to tell your friends how you really broke it off inside her):oops:
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  18. Wouldn't the Chinese knockoff be smaller? That's not a good way to go :rolleyes: