Stangnet Malfunction

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by 1991notchbackLX, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Mods,

    What is going on with the site? I can't send PMs. New posts aren't registering. When I click on a thread to see the newest post it takes me to the thread without the new post included. I also can't post in certain threads. Is the Stangnet server on an airplane flying through the Bermuda Triangle? :scratch:
  2. :lol: I noticed this too WTF?
  3. Had a recent server move due to some morons in cyberspace.

    We'll take a look. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Prob a gentle hiccup with some people on the new site and the old site maybe.

    Ill keep checking but should fix itself, I bet its a 'time' issue.
  5. Most likely it is a time issue with the cookies... what your cookie says the time is and when you are posting may have went backwards so it will fix itself.
  6. It acts like a cookie issue. You make a post to a thread and see that it's been updates since. When you click on the thread, you see YOUR OWN last post and have to refresh the screen to see the updates.

    Once complete, and you return to the 'new post' listing, the thread is still bolded as if you never read the thread or the updates.
  7. You beat me to it. :p
  8. Thank you moderators for the quick reply. :nice:
  9. In addition the the "time" issue, I'm noticing another symptom. Sometimes when I click a link to open a thread, the page loads and continues to reload in a "loop" until I either hit the back button, or click my bookmark for Stangnet. I'm not sure if it's part of the same issue, but it did start at the same time.

    using latest FF browser on Win7.
  10. I also want to note that all forums and sub-forums keep me logged in, with the exception of the Squeeky Wheel. The threads show me as logged in, but the root directory does not. I have reset all my permissions/cookies and it still occurs. I hope you find this useful :)
  11. It wont show the post I started?
  12. one thing is MAKE sure all of you are using this URL...

    DO NOT us

    I am seeing some issues from that being done as well.
  13. Well 3 hours later, we are fixed! Golly gee whizzers!

    Funny how servers are. We move the site to a new server, all settings and code were the same, but for some reason this server was caching things when it should not. One line of code fixed, and as always its such a simple fix but to find it wil just drive you crazy!!

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