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  1. Hello all, just wanted to let members know that we are now an official sponsor on the board. We've dealt with several members already in the past and we appreciate the business :nice: If anyone sees something on our site, please contact us through PM or email and we will get you set up with a discount coupon code to use. Thanks again,
    email: [email protected]
    phone: 1.800.618.9350
  2. Question before purchase


    I was wondering if you had a discount coupon available for your 94-08 Mustang Dual Beam HID Headlight Conversion Kit. I am thinking about placing an order but saw somewhere else where you suggested people to contact you about a discount coupon. This would be for my new Shelby GT500.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. PM Sent
  4. I might in the market for some idlers and a new pulley for an eaton (03 Cobra). Do you know when/if you will be selling those?

    I am also looking at a few other items such as full length subframe connectors, HID convesion kits and a CDC light bar. If you have coupon codes for any of those I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. Hello, we definitely have coupon codes for StangNet members. I am PMing you the info now. Thanks! :nice:


  6. Not trying to bug you but I never received a PM. Mind resending it?
  7. Sending it now :nice:
  8. Hello, I'm very interested in gettin the following soon:

    Product Code: 00707-BX46993
    Bassani BX Series X pipe w/ cats and race pipes


    Product Code: 00416-BX46995S
    Bassani BX Series 2.5" Catback.

    Let me know what you can do!
  9. Hey there,
    I will be buying an alot of suspension stuff soon including some shocks/struts you have listed on your site. Thanks in advance!

  10. interested in a set of HIDs :D and possibly some additional things