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  1. stangnet use to be very popular before the managment had the lame idea of posting girls on all the posts, didnt go over very good with members and there wifes as alot of people left and never came back. Some new posts on here are at the top for days with no responce, A greedy idea that failed and cost them plenty.
  2. ok...
  3. is this tech?
    Tom what are you trying to get across? seems kinda random?:shrug:
  4. Tom....maybe some people shouldent be so up tight
  5. no comprende.... :shrug:
  6. +1:scratch:

    :SNSign: :worthlesb :doh:
  7. What are you talking about? A little too much to drink tonight?
  8. I think he's coming out of the he actually complaining about looking at women?

    Im confused :rlaugh:
  9. We need examples, i'm new here...
  10. sounds like ****ing because topics arent getting answered fast enough. Personally Im just sick of teh same old topics over and over and over. I was away from this site for almost 2 years because I just got sick of it. I cant count on hands and toes how many times I have seen the same EFI conversion or t5 swap threads or the same crap. I get sick of it and dont bother helping when I know the information...if they would simply search a lot of the answeres would be found without needing a response. I think people are just to lazy to do their own leg work. Im sure there are many people here that feel the same way.
  11. What girls is he talking about? I did a search for girls and did not see any. :lol: Are you SURE you were looking at Stangnet Tom? :lol:
  12. Add me to the "I have no clue WTF you are talking about" bunch.:shrug: What ever this guy is complaining about certainly doesn't go on around here!

    As for comments about the Search Button; yes, it could cut down on repetitive questions, but available "performance options" do change periodically, - and sometimes we haven't heard about all the "new stuff"!

    To that end: Hey bigcat; based on your SN and avatar; I believe I have managed to acquire a vehicle somewhat like yours. (NoKitten owed us money on repairs to his '99 Cougar, and paid it off by signing over the '73 XR7 to us). So, as I find myself once again (25 years later) "finishing out" a smogger Cleveland :nonono: ; and wouldn't mind some slightly more current tech ideas! :D

    Specifically: 1.) The original Motocraft 2150 carb has gone away in favor of a 600CFM Holley 4160 - with a "4 into two" funnel-shaped spacer plate sandwiched between the carb and the OEM smogger 2bbl intake. Looking for (again, the most current) ideas on a good intake for 2bbl heads.
    2,) Also, the timing chain. Standard replacement? Or maybe one with multiple crank index keyways to advance the cam timing somewhat to get back the pre-73 torque?

    Comparing most of what I read recently to what I learned back in '81; I'm finding out that the 25-year-old information is pretty much useless. :bang:
  13. girls? wiskey tango foxtrot? cant see pics of these girls. and you are complaining about looking at girls? surely you cant complain about these ladies.

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  14. try this link. many condider it the EXPERT 351 cleveland forum. it is only cleveland guys. i dont like the format of the forum, so i dont visit there often.

    if you want to get better heads, try this link to CHI. considered the benchmark in cleveland heads. and here is the matching manifold link.....

    edelbrock now makes performer RPM heads and a performer RPM air gap manifold. the general consensous is that they are not nearly as good as the CHI stuff, but people will buy them based on name recognition.

    if you want to stick with the stock 2V heads, i would look around in the network54 link. i dont have a solid answer for you about which is best for a 2V, sorry.

    hope this helps you out. :cheers:
  15. How was it the "management's greedy idea"? It's a member's choice what picture to post. Did you wife put you up to writing this? :owned:
  16. Girls?

  17. I have been hangin here for awhile and I have not clue about pictures of women? Maybe Tom's wife got ahold of his PC and have us confused with another site he frequents.....

    Stangnet is a valuable asset to us all and i have personally seen anything on this site inappropriate for all ages......(not that I would complain)
  18. WTF???

    Sounds like "TOM B" is CRYING about the same old BS he was crying about LAST YEAR!:nonono:
    Maybe he's the one who should leave and NEVER return as HE has THREATENED to do in the past!:nonono:

    AS for the rest of us.......:SNSign: :cheers: the party is on!
  19. Wow!

    You dug that out of the mothballs waaaaayyyy deep in the back of the Closet!

    Must be time to start yet another Chapter! :p