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  1. Ya, you guys always said it would never end, then I go away for a while and "presto" it disappears.
  2. I have a feeling that tom needs to update his antivirus, windows, and spybot.

    Then run them all.
  3. It always slows down during the summer and there is always a post pondering why. I was surprised there wasn't one in July when slow down seemed to happen all of a sudden.
  4. I stopped hanging around in tech because of people like you that are too damn uptight about life, I like my old cars and trucks and I have fun talking to people with similar interests. without all the BS.

    PS. and I used to answer alot of those unanswered questions, while I wasnt bull****ting with the guys.
  5. Hey worth some pics of the coupe... i just pre cummed i think lol

    Are those key stones>?
  6. I for one, am glad you (WORTH) are still lurking!:nice:

    Have you seen "sally's" progress of late?:hail2:

  7. Preach on, brutha!

    ..but I don't see the issue about 'girls,' maybe Im at the wrong Stangnet....darn it :D
  8. I haven't posted a lot because of my 50+ hours of work.. finally moving into my own house complete with 2 car garage and air conditioned workshop... and just plain being tired... plus my boss cut off all internet access due to another employee screwing around on the net instead of doing her work.
  9. Management knows what Im talking about, where is that old Sticky.
    I like Stangnet and most of you guys were not here then, some members were so mad that they got kicked from this site for Just questioning management on the subject, very good people I might add. Maybe take them off the BAN list.
    Oh Well, Things might come back, lots of good people here again.
    It was just a BAD day, sorry.
    No use throughing gas on a old fire. :dead:
  10. Uhhhh........most of us were here then. The only one I remember complaining about the picture idea!:eek: And I don't recall any bannings over the alleged anti-girlie picture riots, just bannings over personality conflicts and interpersonal low-blows.........................:nono:

    But then again I'm a geezer with Old-timers and CRS, so wtf do I know.:shrug:
  12. Not sure I have any on the net I can tap, that's the 69 302 coupe and those are Keystones. I finished the restore on that one about 6 years ago. I'll see if I can find a place to post pix. I'm still driving the Ragtop, but she is in need of a restore, I just can't bring myself to lose it for a summer or 2. Besides I have plenty to restore. My 65 pickup should be on the road this weekend, and I have a 74 F-350 I want to customize after that. And I still have the 46 pickup project to do some day:shrug: , not sure I'll live long enough to finish them all.:D
    65stanger, tell me what you've done:D , and Oboebrian , Air conditioned garage? I hate you:D
  13. I quit hanging here cuz none of you wussies would put a 6 speed in your car :p :D :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  14. REAL MEN DRIVE "3 on the Tree":D
  15. Well FWIW i like drag raing therefore i love my C4 hehe
  16. I'm holding out for a 12-speed!:D
  17. Speaking of old posting battles, anyone remember the thread about how you could never make an vintage Mustang that was as good an all-around car as an '03 Cobra? Oh Man! That was a battle! It was everyman for hisself and broken bodies EVERYWHERE! I miss thiose days...
  18. I remember that battle.......

    While I tip my hat to reen and the SN65 crowd; I still maintain that not everybody should try to build a vintage Stang into a late-model Cobra. Personally, a little body-roll and the lopey rumble of a mildly-built smallblock (or FE, Cleveland or Lima) is the true Mustang experience. Yeah, a supercharged DOHC can haul around the heaviest Mustang bodystyle in history pretty doggone quickly and in "Cadillac style"; but that ain't no Pony-Car! - At least not in the traditional sense :nonono:

    Just my $0.02 :SNSign:
  19. Go to "The Land of Make Believe" (another Talk section here on Stangnet) and find the "Tangnet" thread. Lot's of PG-13 girlie pics there.