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  1. Where are the girls at? My Wife says looking is okay.
  2. I'm with ya there. For me, it ain't about driving a car that LOOKS like a vintage car, it has to have the feel of a vintage car, both the good and the bad. Before I tore my fastback apart, I drove it extensively to evaluate what I wanted it to be when it was finished. Know what I discovered? The flaws are what gave it charachter! They also act as a "filter" to keep out the uncommitted Mustang people. If it was comfy, every wannabe in three states whould have one. How many times have we all read a post by a guy who wants to sell his '05 Mustang, get out from under the payments and get a nice '67 fastback as a daily driver? I don't know about you, but I always laugh to myself and think "yeah, right!". The average person wants a car that starts every day, gets good mileage, handles well, rides nice, is quiet inside, gets good mileage and has lots of interior room. I remember my first ride in my '68. I reached down to move the seat back, only to find it was already all the way back! There's no headroom to speak of, either and I'm only 5'-10". The seatbelt buckles in the center and if you're a 40 something guy, you know that's about where you're paunchy tummy would like to sit. The car always sounds like it should be shifted one more time on the freeway even with 3.00 gears. Whether that's due to the lack of insulation or lack of overdrive, I don't know. Older cars also are a trick to start occasionally when it's cold out and Mustangs tend to run hot when it's even mildly warm. The slanted rear glass of a fastback would make a dandy greenhouse to raise cactus on a sunny day, and anyone who rides in the back seat better be short, because there is NO headroom at all, or legroom for that matter. I won't even mention the so-called handling of early Mustangs, except to say it's an aquired taste. As far as reliable, well that depends on how well you maintain it. Can you rebuild a carb? Do your own tuning? Adjust drum brakes? Fix a window regulator? If not, then better keep making those car payments, things have come a loooongg way since '68, but I wouldn't change my cars' bad habits for anything.
  3. I think I just ruined that thread for them. Look for my post (#701) on this page.