StangNet picks up a Four Eyed Survivor

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  1. The way we have continued to land upon projects over the past 15 years here at StangNet HQ still continues to surprise us as Ford Mustang fans. Just a couple of weeks ago, a tragedy in the family resulted in not just sad times, but also a reflection upon what was left behind. We were able to get our paws on a near-mint 1986 Mustang GT…the last year of the 4-eyes, as you well know. This quasi “barn find” was a complete surprise and we have got to say, we could not be more excited about this one.
    The paint is original. The interior is original. Engine? Yeah, you guessed it; original. What’s more, the interior isn’t just original, it’s practically showroom new. Astounding, we thought. How many miles, you ask? 38,000. And no, it’s not the second time around the 5-digit odometer, either. This ’86 GT has been parked since 1994, so some minor maintenance and TLC are to be applied at the shop to get it up to complete pristine condition.
    So what wild, outlandish plans do we have for this project car? We don’t. The car will get some paint touches, detailed,new shocks and struts, and the mandatory R134 conversion. I’m sure we’ll be out and about in this Survivor soon enough, but in the meantime, check out some of the pictures we snapped in the gallery below.
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