StangNet Releases THE Official images of the 2010 Ford Mustang

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by timeless2, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Man that bad boy looks good :drool:

    I was never a fan of the 05-09 style at all....but this one I like!!!!!!!!!!!! They should sell like hot cakes :D

  2. Man, that's funny. I just bought my '08 betting that I wouldn't like the 2010 as well and I won the bet!

    It's a nice looking Mustang and I like some of the things they've done with the interior better than the 05-09 but overall the exterior design leaves me cold.

    No doubt it'll be a big seller for Ford's their ONLY good car :nice:
  3. If you were never a fan of the 05-09 style at all, then just how in the hell can you even claim that you like the 2010 ?

    FYI, the 2010 is an evolution of the current 05-09 body style. Other than the rear quarter panel hips along with updated front grille, and new interior. Very little has changed from the 05-09 style, with the exception of those hideous tail lights, and that ugly looking chunky rear valance, that belongs on a Chevy Avalanche SUV, and not on a Mustang.

    That being said, other than the quarter panel hips, and updated interior. IMHO the 05-09, is by far. The overall better looking Mustang, hands down. :flag:
  4. I don't like the front that much. If they keept the same front as the 05-09 it would be perfect. I do like the hips alot and the back end isn't to bad at all. Basicaly looking at the engine specs this car is basicaly the same as the 08-09 bullitt with 315hp.
  5. I like everything but the power. Heard so much about turbo V6 and 5.0 at 400hp but no they have to use same *****ng engine and only 315 hp.

    I am so disappointed with ford that they cannot make same power as camaro . I wanted to see more power and all but after waiting for year we get another plastic mustang . :notnice:

    No wounder our *****ng car company going out of business. Fu** bailout , let them close the freaking factory. I will f****ing drive something else.

  6. FYI, the 400HP 5.0 will debut in the 2011 GT, in 2010 !

  7. I agree completely.

    This is a better looking car:

    Bring back the wheel well flares!!

    The funny thing is I saw a pic some kid drew where he made the rear look like a '69-70 mustang with the quarter panel hips and scoops but for the most part kept the current front end. It was better looking than what Ford came up with...and would have been the perfect competitor for the new Camaro. They should have got rid of the quarter windows and gone for a 69--70 look if they wanted to 'update' the current Mustang IMO.
  8. Whip-dee-freakin-do!

    All this wait, just for this? :nonono: :notnice:
  9. Sorry if you misunderstood, as I meant the 2011 GT. will get the 400HP 5.0L, and will arrive in 2010 :nice:

    However if you thought the upcoming 2010, was getting the 400HP 5.0. Then I'm sorry to say, the 2010 will still have the current 4.6L :(

  10. Agreed

    All this hype. All of these secret mystery photos....for a car that looks nearly identical to last year's model. New Camaro here I come.
  11. Your kidding right? Let me give you an example....I do not like the looks of a bone stock 99 GT at all (01+ look slightly better stock)....but I LOVE the look of the 03-04 cobra STOCK. Same body, but different lines due to dressup....same when you mod the GT, they start looking sick.

    05-09 were way too bland for my tastes...the 2010 has some sick looking lines and IMO has much more personality :nice: . Im going to go test drive one when they come out....they should be throwing me the keys when they see me drive up in my 03 ill try and give my opinion on it at that point :flag:
  12. my two cents...

    I thought the photography of the 2010 is pretty dang good. I see a lot of the Dodge Challenger in the front fenders (from the side) and a lot of the Toyota Solara Convertible in the Mustang Convertible.

    The "capless fuel filler" deal is pretty interesting. I'd like to see how that actually works. Is it just a rubber grommit that sticks over the hole?

    Using the same engines in this update is just kinda' sad, IMO. That 15 extra horsepower can be had by anyone with a few hundred dollars to spend on a cold air intake kit for their GT. Buy a throttle intake and a nice set of headers and you'll have even more than what will be available in 2010!

    great looks, so-so performance. Solid rear axle for go straight fast but don't turn too fast handling. sigh. A true Ford
  13. Tell us your not trading the terminator in for a 315 hp GT!

    But I agree in stock trim the 2010 does look a pretty good bit more agressive than the 05-09. The hood, hips, and new front end go a long way.

    I've done a lot to my 06 to get it visually appealing to me. The 05-09 is the best looking car on the rode IMO with the right mods but seeing a stocker on a dealer's lot just lulls me to sleep.