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  1. Last few days this site has been running very slow on my end. Anyone else having problems?
  2. Yes, I've been noticing its when you(or atleast me) click on threads, its takes awhile to load, all other sites are fine that I go to. :shrug:
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  4. Probably rubber neckers on the information highway.
  5. If you'll watch the address bar at the bottom you will see that some of the ads are slow to load. :)
  6. Strype! Where ya been? I been making fun of you when able but you've not been here to get spun up about it, threaten me, or call me noob.

    Personally, I'm insulted. :cry:
  7. I don't know about Stangnet, but some of its members... well... that's another story.


    *goes looking for trashcan* :rock:
  8. Yes. I saw more double posts and double threads last night then I've seen in several months.
  9. Thread relocated to the proper location for such topics.

    No issues here. There were some DB hiccups a few days ago, but they happened in the wee hours of the morning.
    Report duplicate posts or threads using the "report post" feature so they may be cleaned up. Keep your community clean & green. :p
  10. It's likely the banners/Ads/etc. slowing the process for most.
  11. Ill check, the server may just need a reboot. :p
  12. Normally we have text ads from Google, but looks like Ford is running a heavy Flash campaign, that could be doing to some people machines as well. I don't expect it will run long.
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  14. :nice: That's usually when I see a bit of a slow down.
  15. Yup, been gettin that a lot lately. Even at 1AM EST. That's how I ended up double posting two different times. Other times i'll get a board message that the server is busy and to try again in a few minutes. A hell of a lot of people on late at night.