stangnet stickers

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  1. how many of you have the stangnet decals on your stang?
    I just put mine on today, going back to my idea of trying to recruit.
  2. Got any pics? I don't think alot of people have them. Personally, I didn't even know they made them(or I forgot about them).
  3. and theyre free, just pay for shipping. my 2 cost 6.50
  4. where do you get them? :shrug:
  5. so are you guys gonna go ahead and stangnet your rides?
  6. I wanted to, but my dad said why should I advertise for something I'm not being paid for.
  7. in that case you better take all the ford badges off your car. The way i look at it, we're not paying for this service. by making people aware of the site, you're making the site better for everyone. Unpaid advertising is commonplace these days. I wear a white sox hat. i am advertising the sox, but i am a fan so i support them. Same with stangnet.
  8. if you own any clothes with the name of the designer or company plastered all over it make sure you throw those out too along with your ford badges, ill ask the wife tonight about getting em' and if shes kool ill order em in da morn.
  9. hey silver in order for me to be rockin out with those stickers too i need you to either post or PM me wider shots of the car, almost got her convinced but shes like im not even on it and crap ooooooooooohhhh like i care but thanx 4 the pics in advance
  10. Everyone knows cubs>white sox
  11. only in little big league or what ever that stupid movie was called
  12. remember, the cubs are the only team in chicago that hasnt won any championship since WW I
  13. :mad:

    What are you talking about? They won in 2005.
  14. :SNSign:
  15. The championship. :D
  16. you need some Stang Gang stickers :nice: