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  1. I was trying to think of a way for both lol. Stang Gang gives like 50 more rwhp per cylinder divided by the square root of the number of tires than StangNet because it's a gang. Gah, noobs. But I'm too lazy to see what that really is so.
  2. stang gang? tell me how to get them and i will
  3. lmao, yeah.

    i'm Captain_Spaulding on there and theres a few people from here that are on there
  5. I'm demonic possession on there. I used to be the top poster but something happened :(
  6. what happened? I havent been on there in a week
  7. cool, i signed up
  8. I don't know. I didn't go on in 3 days and I guess during that time 04SVT got 200 more posts than me. Whatever, I guess they wanted someone who's actually in FL to be the top poster, rather someone from Chicago. :shrug:
  9. cool, you guys do the supporter thing?
  10. Ya, I think they do but most of the people are from the Tampa area...
  11. yeah, it's based in FL. actually it's based in the same county as me and 85% of all the members so we all get to gether for bi-weekly & bi-monthly shows. and a group of us (5-8) hang out on friday nights at the local Wendys for there car show... and some times a few of us head up to the local drag-strip to lay down some times. It's a really cool club all in all, very active.
  12. lol, that's Jay. he's a modderator & on of the co-creators of the club so he's on there all the time
  13. man i wanna set up a chicago based one to get some cruise nights going, but the last one my dad tried to set up was lacluster at best, highlighted by an 05 steeda. I couldnt bring my car (foot surgery), so it was a total of 3 cars. I wanna take over someplace, get like 10 or 15 there one night a month or so.
  14. I know, I just think that he couldn't get 200+ posts in 3 days. Thestanggang scandal :eek:
  15. Do you know any other stang owners in IL? I could probably swing by since I think Burbank is like 40-50 mins away from me.
  16. well my dad has a stang, he knows a few guys, none of my friends are lucky enough to be blessed by a stang. i could see how many. i think a central point inb the area would be fine. I have no problem taking a ride either, as long as we gert a few people going.
  17. Ya, I don't really know any stang owners, just one but he stole my GF so :notnice: Maybe if we spread the word around, we can get more people to join :shrug:?
  18. i hope so, i saw alot in the midwest area
  19. Also, if we don't find alot of people, then we should get an area where alot of people go by, and that way, maybe some other stangs on the road can stop by.
  20. Or we can always hit known cruise nights, bound to find a few stangs there