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  1. OK,,no bottle.H/C/I,,and you cant get it on ebay.C/H/I,,70mm TB,,410's,,headers,off rd h-pipe.Hows that?
  2. Ok lets all stop talking about building a car for "X" amount of money that runs "X" fast.

    I planned on taking my time to build my pinto right. If this talk keeps up I'll be done by Christmas and here's my budget.

    high 6 sec. 1/8th mile car for less than $2k.
    So far I've spent $300 and I'm almost ready to drop the "stock parts" engine into. :)
  3. that I mean not results from that company or the magazine they payed to do a story on either, How fast do you think you can go with decent alum heads, cam, and intake?

    I've seen "alot" of these cars run and have any yet to perform to the numbers you're probably going to tell me. I haven't seen a H/C/I combo that ran 12's yet.

    I do things very differently. I hand ported crappy stock 351w heads, small cam (.509/.512), stock Crappy GT headers, crappy summit exhaust, pullies, ignition, Edel intake carb(both from a junk yard find) I still had about 5k in it start to finish and it went 12.3. Honestly I hear people "talk" about doing this or that and get big power and a super fast car but it never happens. I saw 2 completely seperate individuals 95GT and 87LX hatch buy the complete holley systemax kits. The 87 ran 8.6, the 95 ran 8.7 thats a mid 13sec run and these cars were tuned pretty well.
    Dont get caught up in mag tests or rumors. Most of that stuff doesn't work. I see companies advertise around 400hp with ease on a 302/306. If thats the case I ran a "400hp car" with my 86 coupe that made at or below 300hp. I had 3 passengers and pulled 2 full cars on that race beast.
  4. Everybody in this forum is here becasue they have a 2.3 that thy want to mod, or need helping fixing problems on...right? In a perfect world yes. The way I see it, if you want to bash 2.3's go to the 5.0 board and bash them there. We dont go 5.0 bashing, because we dont need to feel cool. We dont need a V8 to compninsate for lack of masculinity around here. So if you need to do that to feel like theres something between your legs, then get the hell out of here.

    I agree that the board has gone downhill as well. I've been reading this board since well before I was member of it. However if it werent for this board then I may have a Honda or a 5.0 swap instead of my 2.3T. There are plenty of new guys with questions like I had/have.

    If you are more experienced and think this board is beneath you then TF is obviously the board for you. Dont forget about stangnet though, at the least it can be a good "ego builder" and you can help guys that have questions right? Kill two birds with one stone. Thats how I feel.

    I dont come here for help/info about turbo motors, because TF is a much better resource. I think stangnet is good for everything else though.. IE ..."Cant get my crank pulley off!!!!.... or ...How do you replace the fuel pump?" There is plenty of help here for basic stuff like that.
  5. Also....

    In the long run (to get into lower times) an N/A car cannot compete with forced induction. There is so much more potential with boost. I'm sure Willy will argue this as well, but its true. Your looking at alot of money to SC or turbo a 5.0 correctly.

  6. To supercharge yes, to buy a turbo 'kit' yes. But if you build it yourself (ie you have exsperince with tuning and the ability to weld) its pretty decent.
    One day i will build a 351/302 single turbo setup and since i already an a offical TF guy, its gonna be cheap ;) :D
  7. What's your point? All that means is you got a bit better traction than me (better 60') and I'm making more power than you (trapped 8mph higher) if we both get a 100 shot, I'm still gonna be faster :shrug:
  8. Hmmm NJ vs KS how about you meet in Ky and we can go to a nice track IHRA and run them side by side?
  9. This thread is funny. This "willys" guy is acting the exact same way that the V8 guys act at my shop. They always say:

    - "You'll never be able to hit 14's on your 2.3"
    - "Even if you smoke a 5.0, they'll still laugh at you for having a 4-cylinder Mustang."
    - "You'll be lucky to get 200hp out of that 2.3 turbo."

    I can't wait to get this motor back together and installed in my car. Hopefully, with the mods i'm putting in it, i'll be making about 230rwhp @ 18psi. A guy can always dream, right? :D
  10. 'cause they wouldn't be side by side :rlaugh:

    i4power: It'll never happen buddy. ;)
  11. I don't want to start another flame war....but I think there is a lot of stereotypical information going around here. A mild V8 mustang does not get horrible gas mileage....I used to get around 30 on the highway and around 26-27 right now. My 6000lb jeep on the other hand is lucky to get 15mpg on the highway with 3:73's and full time 4wd. Insurance is not expensive if you have a good record and are over 20 or insurance is $30 a month right now. Holley Systemax kits are generally known in the 5.0 world to not perform as well as advertised due to a crappy cam. I believe they have recently updated the cam in the package though. A much better choice would be AFR heads, custom cam, and a decent intake. I would never say a 5.0 can't do this or that b/c you can almost bet its already been done and proven......hell every intake turbo, supercharger, head, etc. has been thrown at a 5.0 and you can find many varying results.

    A 5.0 can run 12's with just bolt ons....stock heads, cam, intake....don't believe me....there are many examples but heres just one

    A 5.0 with h/c/i can run 11's need proof call Ed at FTI or look at this

    That being said....who cares....I don't. There are 4cyls and v8's that have run 9's 10's 11's 12's all for very cheap if you don't include the cost of personal time. You can make anything as fast or as cheap as you want to or have the knowledge to.....Neither a 5.0 or a 4cyl is a better starting choice so race, mod build up what you want to and leave it at that.
  12. Funny thing is a guy by the name of Marty Buth owns one of the NHRA "stock" class records with an 85 Thunderbird turbo coupe (3200 lbs)...non intercooled, stock turbo, stock head (no porting allowed), stock intake, stock vam, etc....he just ran a 12.64 et :D
  13. What exactly are the rules for the "stock" class?
  14. Yeah I don't care how fast anything goes. In my head Marty has the one to beat.

    The rules aren't like my version of stock either ;)
  15. You got caught the im going to search the classifieds for a 85 t bird that runs a 12.64...then I will be teh win
  16. If you never saw a H/C/I combo in the 12's,,you lead a very sheltered life!! I wont even mention ARR,Twisted Wedge Heads or any of those Aluminum heads.Stock e-7's ported & polished with a 5 angle valve job(by the way these heads are called Thumper Heads there 599.00)a tfs 1 cam and a intake puts you in the mid to high 12's!! And you wanna talk about stock head,cam, and intake,,the fastest 5.0 with these runs in the 11's!!Wake up boys!!!
  17. 30 mpg is amazing. I wish I got that out of my 2.3. Maybe I should sell the four cylinder and get a V8 for the gas crunch?

    Check it out, and we all know that the factory MPG ratings arent always realistic.
  18. When I first bought my car last year,and it had no mods,I got 24-25mpg!! After I put in my converter, and 410's,I can get 21 if I keep it below 2500rpm's.At 2500rpm Im at 72mph :nice: P.S.--Man those rims and tires are UGLY :notnice:
  19. there is no reason that a HCI car wont run 12s with THE RIGHT PARTS. you cant just throw some garbage together and expect to get 350rwhp like holly advertises. also, 12s depends on a the driver....!!!!!
  20. Basicly, a stock 2.3T with little to no "bolt ons", just the diy stuff can hit 250-300rwhp. With the same milage.

    Everything is mod-able, im looking at the plus side of a 2.3t

    Simple to work on(i can pull the head in 30 mins or less!)
    Forged internals(stock)
    Very strong block(stock)
    300hp capable on stock computer,injectors,vam,engine managment,intake manifold,head.

    Not saying a 5.0 is hard to work on, but in reality IT IS twice as much work as my 2.3. I've love v8's, worked on a few of them (changing h/g is no fun thats for sure!). But my little 4 banger makes the power, gets the milage and is cheap to drive. I really dont see how that could work out any better for me?

    PS:my dad can beat up your dad!
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