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  1. yeah this is getting a little carried away.To each his own,I respect 4 cylinders(even though they need a power adder to hang with the big boys) me,I love the rumble of a V-8!! especially a ford !! A small block Ford has the best sounding exhaust note from the factory,IMO,,But variety is the spice of life.Peace
  2. thats ashame you had an intelligent thought out message going there for about a second.

    I never said heads etc would NOT run 12's I'm saying if you think its that easy then get to it. Do everything you can with those simple mods and I'll race you with my "stock parts" 351w. Please do not preach to me about V8 stuff. I live in a 2.3 forum because it was a challenge to build a 4cyl. I had no idea where to buy aftermarket parts so I learned to deal with it. Now you should see MY V8 car"S". The 87 coupe should be really quick using the knowledge I gained from the 2.3s

    "If you can make it go with 140, then you can make it go harder with 393"
    Here's my parts list:
    Everything stock or junk yard parts except for:
    393 Crank--$450
    302 pistons-$300
    intake adaptors- $50 (homemade)
    headers originally made for a 351c to a fox swap. $250
    $200 will finish any other lose ends I may have.

    I own more V8 cars than you will ever own. My sig. Won't let me add any more.

    Finally about the power adder thing. The last car in my sig is probably going to be your worst nightmare if you think I need a power adder. Hell I don't even need a 2.3. 2.0 will do just fine.
  3. willys take a deep breathe before you post and do it calmly. We can keep this gong a while as long as everything stays pretty calm.
  4. I'm impressed that we havn't resorted to name calling yet. lol
    1. The truth is that a stock 2.3 block will hold just as much power as a stock 5.0 block. Neither will hold up reliably at 500+hp. The 2.3 tends to break lose rods and the 5.0 tends to crack right down the middle.
    2. The fact is that intial parts to build up a 2.3 are cheaper. We can put on a $5 boost valve, bump the boost up to 20psi and gain an instant 30-40hp, guarenteed at the wheels with no strings attached. That isn't a trick test like advertisers claim when they replace the stock airbox on a tricked out NA 5.0 making 400hp and they magically gain 20hp from a K&N over the stock airbox.
    3. If you want to make more than 400hp without juice, you are better off getting a 5.0 and boosting it.
    4. Nothing sounds as nice as a turbo spooling... except 2 turbos spooling :D .
    If I had the money, I would love to build a twin turbo 302/306 with a pair of T3's hanging off the side. The power would be insane, and with a set of Al heads, it wouldn't weigh much more than a regular 5.0.
    For me, I like the 2.3 because it is initially cheap to make power, has a awsome sleeper aspect, and it is lighter than the 5.0 which allows me to kick some ass while autocrossing. :D
  5. reasions to own a 2.3

    light motor
    faster revs
    makes power faster
    less rotational mass
    and can make just/ifnot more power and TQ than a v8

    the only v8 I will ever own is a 289 cause there light, they rev faster and can make just/ifnot more power and TQ than your everyday 302/306 and so on and so on....

    just cause the motor is bigger means jack IMHO
  6. People like you make just us look bad. :nonono:
    First of all, the 289 and the 302 are both small block fords. The biggest difference is a slight change of stroke. A 289 would only be slightly lighter than the 302 becuase of accessories like the smog pump. Also, the rating methods for the current 302 are different from that of the 289. When the 289 was rated, it was gross, meaning no accessories. Now, they are rated with all accessories, which makes it look like they have less power.
  7. This thread is homo.

  8. Thanks for the update :(
  9. Hay it was just my oppinion no need to get all assjamed about it
  10. **** YOU....and all of the unintelligent comments you have made in the past week. RIMS ARE FOR BICYCLES...WHEELS ARE FOR CARS.... I wont rag on anyones car, because thats not cool. However, if the only thing that you can find wrong with my car is the wheels then :nice: ...I dont see you posting pics of your 14 sec ride with drag radials on here. :shrug: I'll say it one more time as well....Go back to somewhere where people like you!!


    P.S-Dont think your special becasue you've made 1500 posts. Only 1 out of every 10 posts you make, makes any sense, or even pertains to the subject of the thread... IE your comment about my wheels, how is that important? I would expect more out of a "super stallion"
  11. Actually you were sharing what you thought to be facts, which were definately not.
  12. Wow, you got Brian mad I dont think I ever seen that before.
  13. Boy, you ARE an intelligent one...did I say EVERY BONE STOCK TC WILL RUN 12's? NO. I said Marty Buth's NHRA stock class TC with nearly all stock parts runs 12's...learn to read and quit putting words in my mouth...
  14. Edit. Not going to get into a pissing contest about nothing. Yup your right I can't read.
  15. LOL,,this is rediculous,,,I must be hitting a nerve because of all these long threads,,OK,now your saying a stock 2.0 litre will beat my 5.0 huh,,yeah ok!! Sounds like your 351 kicks @ss :nice: must be a V-8 :p Hey Josh,dont take it so seriously,,youve got a hot vert. I just dont like the "WHEELS".No punn intended :nice:
  16. meh it happens
  17. Who said my 2.0 was stock? ;) I just said it wasn't turbo and the car weighs about 1700 with me. How much power do you think It will take to outrun you? The 2.0 won't make much power but the car's light so it doesn't have to.

    I love my 351 cars and trucks. But as of this weekend the 2.3 is faster...I almost cried because I never thought it would be possible. Now I'm on a mission to get the next windsor going cheap and still leave enough time to build/tune a 2.3 pinto for WFC8.
  18. I can make all of you gasp and study your feet just by glaring at you. To bad we're not all together in person or I'd do it.
  19. hey 140 you did that when you posted the pics of the "R"
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