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  1. The only nerve you strike is when you put on your classic block head comments "power adder just to hang with the big boys". If by big boys, you mean the power your v8 makes, then most people in this thread are already ahead of you big boy. That attitude makes thes whole car enthuiest (especially mustang owners) look pretty dumb, why? Becuase there are faster cars that arent v8. More displacement doesnt make you a big boy, its what you do with what you got.

    So , what is your hp per cube right now?
    Whats the VE of your motor?
    And if hanging a turbo on a motor was so simple, why dont you have one?
    Do you know what size turbo you would even need?

    The guys who make power on these 2.3T's put good time and effort into doing so...without spending very much at all. 95% of all my "mods" were done by me becuase i cant pick up a catalog and just "buy" horsepower.

    Respect? you dont hafta respect a 4 banger, but do yourself a favor and atleast think before you talk...becuase you only help to sterotype the 5.0 guys with pie in the eye comments like that.
  2. The faster cars arent V-8's?? What are they? Maybe a V-10,,but its not a 4 cylinder!!Im talking from the factory!!Think before I talk?? What the heck are you talking about?? I think the pride in this room is fogging your vision dude!! The fastest "American cars out there are the vette,Viper,Mustang,GTO,,and these performance pick up trucks,,I dont see any 4 bangers here!! You guys are too rapped up in your 2.3's to see reality!! I came in here with a good attitude,,but holy [email protected],if your gonna be that way,,V-8's rule DOPES!! Your making up excuses because all you have is 4 cylinders,,BIG DEAL,,thats cool!!! Let me guess a stock turbo 2.3 can beat a z06 vette, :banana: :banana: ,later :bang: :bang:
  3. Well said!
    Anyone can BUY parts and make their car fast. Anyone can bolt those parts on, and have someone else tune it for them.
  4. You guys shouldn't allow yourselves to be baited.

    If they woulda had the internet when I was 14 I woulda joined a board and antogized actual car owners myself and giggled.
  5. willys I wish you would have been around in the middle of the summer. I had a guy that I had never met, start a thread about me my 4cyl. The thread went on for about 20 pages while people laughed at him. Turned out he lived within an hour drive and I caught him at the track one day in his RestoMod big block plymouth belvedere. Before the days of nitrous, I was outrunning him about 3-4 tenths. But don't worry he already had 15-20 excuses all planned out.
    Your times are about as slow as his.

    About your Z06 comment.. :rlaugh:
    I'm supposed to race one this weekend and I'll post the video for you. ;)
  6. Thats what Im talking about!!!In what? an svo? You should be so proud of yourself,,outrunning a 14 second Belvedere,,anddddd,how many cars beat you in this 14second killer :nonono:
  7. Check out this one :D

    Two hillbillies walk into a bar. While having a shot of whiskey, they
    talk about their moonshine operation. Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table,
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  8. LS1's will always be the worst fear of Mustang owners. (On the large scale of things).
  9. If you have more 2.3 motors,then 5.0 motors,,you might be a red neck :rlaugh:

  10. You didnt answer my questions?

    Whats your hp per cube?

    Why are the fastest *american* cars v8/v10 setups?
    Well duh, becuase
    A: cubes = 100,000 miles of hp
    B:cubes = cheap to manufac.
    C: Cubes = more noise (being in america, noise = fast)

    You see, there is this misconception you have in your head that we are stuck in lima just isnt true. ive worked on and may even know more about your 5.0 than you. I also have a 351w in the garage awaiting rebuild and 390 awaiting a 427 crank on the engine stand. My point is ANYTHING can be made fast...ive seen 4 cylinders whoop on build v8's and vise versa, i dont call a v8 "bigboy" becuase it has more cubes...thats rediculous.

    Its easy to talk on the internet, im about to argue with you or covert you into see past your small block vision...its your time and money, spend it and waste it as you please. :D

    Go make some your demeaing 4 cylinder comments on a v8 board, they will trash just like we are. :banana:
  11. And a ls1 in a foxbody is every camero owners dream :owned:
  12. ls1= joke, if your gonna buils an ls morot at least go with something bigger than an ls1...

    ls1's HA
  13. Hey kid stay off your daddys computer till you learn how to spell :rlaugh:
  14. PFFF dude,,what else is out there that can hang with a vette,,viper,,,V-8 Mustang????????????????????????????/ I never had mine dynoed so I cant answer your question.Thats rite anything can be made fast,even a 2.3!! Where are they!!What are they in??? How fast are they?? FROM THE FACTORY??? Lets go tough guy,,the 5.0 talk room,,and hold this conversation!!! come on LETS GO!!!
  15. R U ready?
  16. I will be here tomorrow at 5:45pm east coast time!
  17. Don't you have a girlfriend or something to keep you busy?
  18. His blow-up doll must have gotten a puncture! :lol: Seriously, though, this thread is gay and I don't know why y'all are still entertaining the naysaying troll.
  19. ... are you asking, or offering?
  20. LoL, 'tough guy'?

    Where are what? the 2.3T?
    Cougar xr7's

    They vary in hp levels from 175-205 from the factory. Joe morgan's 2.3T pinto, now Focus and a few other 2.3T cars have been in various magazines (HotRod rings a bell). Joe is in the low 8's high 7's last i heard. Randy just ran 10.8 , dynoed 400+ rear wheel. Greg obrian is in the 11's (for lack of a better launch/traction) is 400+ rwhp, getting 28mpg.
    Pound for pound the 2.3 can hold its own and will make more hp percubic inch until the block limit than a "stock block" 5.0 block.
    Any other questions :shrug:

    go read this...this was on awhile ago,
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