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  1. How many are we now? I've seen a couple new members. Congrats!

  2. Whose this Stype you speak of?:shrug:


  3. Me > You ............ i sent in nekkid women too... but they were jello wrestling :nice:

  4. :drool: nekkid jello wrestling...... :drool: yea you>me....... the only thing better then nekkid jellow wrestling is looking at my GF nekkid :drool:
  5. I agree :drool:

    you left yourself open for that one :lol:
  6. Yo app is with the prez man :nice: (That's DeVus1 by the way)

    I await his approval... did you take the pee pee test?
  7. Its Strype with out the R cause the R was rejected from the word evil,witch is a good word to discribe R.......

    or it could be I forgot to hit that key,meh.
  8. Ahh, lol, just makin' sure...
  9. Ohh....that cup was for....

    (in refrance to 90MustangGT post bout the tard at work taking the pee test,lol)

  10. :bang: :bang:
  11. I shall forward you to the DeVus1 oh Roland ;)
  12. Holy crap... where's DeVus1 :eek:

    I'm sure he'll be on tonight or soon so just hold on guys... there are refreshments and coffee in the lobby, and Oprah's on ;)
  13. is it the old fat Oprah or the new skinny with big head Oprah
  14. :scratch:


    Wait til 4:00 and we'll see :shrug:

    The wifey likes Ellen a lot better than "mother oprah" as I call her. She has a couple BILLION dollars, no kids, no husband, yet tells all of the worlds woman how to live :nonono:
  15. i dont need you stinking posse lol
  16. you haters can't hurt fear us..deep down you fear us and what we could accomplish if we were able to generate a collective thought that didn't involve chips and dip.

  17. mmmm cool ranch doritos :drool:


  18. i agree ellen is worlds better then "mother oprah" plus she'll never be skinny in my eyes.. once a fat kid always a fat kid :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.