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  1. oh-man, I can't reply to we me & my girlfriend often hang out with 1986Stang and his g/f

    it just wouldn't be funny if I said it. :p

  2. come on now, you cant just build us up like that.... then not deliver!!!
  3. mods i am offended by this "posse" and there beliefs.. it can definately be considered a slur of some sort.. i believe you should destroy them all :)

    :D i will eat your hearts and crap out your souls.. you all will taste oblivion.. which oddly tastes like red bull :)

  4. Sounds like someone needs a subscription to:

    View attachment 462355
  5. we are a Cult.......still wanna join
  6. I cannot recall if I was ever officialy inducted into the Talk Posse. If I was, I never got my official notification or badge. :shrug:
  7. Daggar add this to your sig in blue

    Celebrating our 4 year anniversary as Rulers of 5.0Talk.

    and make me a CT on trade lol
  8. Checking in although I can't remember what I did to get invited.
    I'm pretty sure it had to do with turkey sammiches..
  9. I must join this posse at once!!!
  10. Yes it did..and your welcome..and thank very much.
  11. either that or he's been drinkin to much HATERADE....HEY HATERADE........OOHHH YEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
  12. hey i want to join i have been spending alot of time around here lately.....*kicks rock in anger*

    how do i apply to join
  13. Yea - but you blew by me in "status" ranking with your cool "pearl necklace" CT.
    Guess I should be cool and give someone a "pearl necklace" too. Then I just might be as cool as you.

    Yea - I have aspirations too!!!
  14. WITCHES!!??.. WHERE!!!???:D :owned: :bang: View attachment 462293
  15. Hey,that dog stole my mop :mad:

    Yes,my mop is immitation human hair.....whats da matter wit dat?
  16. I had a mop once... then it started talking to me. I buried it with my keepsakes... keepsakes... keepsakes... keepsakes in the back yard. Keepsakes...
  17. Hmm.. dontcha hate when that happens :shrug: how much you get when you pawned the wedding ring?:Zip2:
  18. $112.38 :shrug:

  19. i like cheese.
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