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  1. The stupidity flows until the message is forgotten :shrug:
  2. :scratch: hi job, i need you... well i need a job too!
  3. lol i wanna be on you ?.. j/k
  4. Job/work same difference.I consider it a 4 letter word.
  5. Well, hell finally froze over. It freakin' snowed in Mesa Arizona. I was like, "HOLY ****!"

    Holy ****...
  6. what happened to this thread

    so what happend to his thread. did it jst die?i was doing a search and happened across it.
  7. Not sure. I was told the first rule of the posse is we dont talk about the posse!
    21 pages later! :rolleyes:
  8. 80
  9. Were you told that by 90? :lol:
  10. oo - oo pick me!!

    i wanna be in the talk posse:(
  11. wow, this is hella old. i wish i was in the talk posse :(
  12. I have no idea what you are talking about. What Posse?

  13. Spanky this thread did the same thing as the posse.
    It just "f-a-d-e-d away.
  14. See, this is what I'm talking about. We never denied existence of the Talk Posse before. WHY NOW?

    Why are all these Posse NOOBS trying to make up rules?

    No, we didn't. :banana:
  15. No I didnt! :banana:
    I aint making up rules! Before I was a member all of you, you included were like "what posse?" And I believe I was told not to talk bout the Posse in any non Posse thread but that may have been just talking about Posse buisiness :shrug:
    So now that you resurected this does that mean we are having open tryouts? Yea, yeah, yeah I just read the rules AGAIN since you just got on me about that and figure they work :nice:
    I thought we were supposed to be secretive like the Dead Poets Society, or the Leauge of Robots (kill all humans!) or the KKK ......:D
  16. Well, the Posse ITSELF never WAS a secret. 90 started that, I believe.

    Posse business stays "you know where". :D

    I just miss it when people would ask... and we would make them do questionable things. :D

    When I joined, it was WAY different.
  17. I just talked to Strype, sounds like for future enrollment the people need to do something requseted by each member :shrug: Seeing as the goal was to get all the funny and outgoing people to help make Stangnet more fun and friendly is a good idea. :nice:

  18. How many people are in this so called "Posse"?
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