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  1. That's how it was supposed to be, yeah. Sounds good to me.

    The whole "invitation only" thing just ruins the fun. The fun of people asking to get in as opposed to us asking THEM to join. As I see it, they need to ask US, not us ask them. They can't ask if we're "a secret". :shrug:
  2. "So Called"?

  3. steakhouse?
  4. :fuss:
  5. Slaughterhouse! :rock:
  6. sorority house. nothing like a 5 bedroom 2 bath house filled with drunk horny college girls:nice:
  7. haunted house:shrug:
  8. :hail2:
  9. wafflehouse :drool:
  10. I brought this thread back for a reason. Shat ap.
  11. :SNSign:
  12. Daggars coming back?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.