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  1. No im pretty sure i was inducted in early 06 by strype and FBD me and 90 were inducted at the same time.
  2. If it was early '06, DeVus1 was doing inductions. I remember you getting inducted so unless you were inducted twice, I think your times are off...
  3. They may be off but i remember it being in 06 when i was off of work for a couple of months. Like i said the posse stopped being the posse when it became the trendy thing on stangnet.
  4. Says the person that got kicked out :rolleyes:

    I think the strip bar up the road got too trendy since they kicked me out.
  5. I have no idea what this "posse" is. :shrug:
  6. Trendy? How? It just got bigger. :shrug:
  7. *drinks mocha-frapa-chino half-caf-de-caf-soy-grande-latte while driving a Hybrid while listining to a "American Idol" CD on my way to the trendy new coffee/internet/dog grooming cafe*
  8. Ohhhhhh.... "trendy"! :nice:
  9. I can't be "trendy." I would pop my collar and spike my hair, but my shirts are all too wrinkled and unstarched for the collar to even stand up, and my hair is too long to spike. Er, well ... I could do a really huge mohawk or some liberty spikes, though. :shrug: And I'm too poor to afford a hybrid car, so I guess I'll never be cool enough to be trendy.

    Oh well. I'll settle for being a dork. I've been playing the part for as long as I can remember, so I've got it down to a science. :nice:
  10. Trendy how?? trendy in the fact that everybody and their mother started derailing threads just to get in. Trendy in the fact it went from membership nominations once every couple months to once a month. Thats how. I have no problem with the posse it just got too trendy. Id rather hang out in the bhr than the posse forum reguardless. At least every other post isnt * eats sammich*.
  11. Rsstang's join date is encoded in the member ID. i can check his badge and see what his join date was Aaron
  12. Who cares? :shrug:
  13. And you are the best dork out there! Yes you are! Whos the best dork?
    *scratches Dave behind the ears*
    *eats sammich*
  14. actually i believe 2 people were elected into the posse over the past 6+ months :shrug:
  15. :banana:
  16. *eats sammich*
  17. Well, you're out so you don't have to worry about being "trendy" anymore. :shrug:
  18. HEY! Thats mine!
    *knocks Clay down*
    *takes bite*
    Pleeewwww! Ack!
    WTF you eating a sardine/peanutbutter/olive sammich for?
    *throws sammich at GTO*
Thread Status:
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