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  1. He's clueless. Totally living up to his CT. Speaking of CTs Sammiches is no longer relevant. :banana:
  2. Now thats some major owning rite der :nice:
    His whole sig is now gheyer then it was :rlaugh:
  3. :lol:
  4. My sig is "actual" history. You guys are living a lye, and Spanky has to do it to makes points. :)
  5. S&B ? :scratch:
  6. KITT? :scratch:
  7. Show us your 15,000th post. :shrug:

    I can show you Sammiches. :D

    Oh, wait....

    post 15,000

    post 30,000

    post 35,000

    page 1000

    5.0 Droptop
    page 1320

    Looks like your whole sig is a lie.

    ...end of story. :)
  8. Living a lye = Dealing with the reality of really harsh soap. :shrug:
  9. :owned:
  10. What is this faux thread?
  11. Yeah, I guess it's time to close this thread again. My job here is done. :banana:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.