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  1. *rises up from behind the couch, removes protective headgear (wife is on afternoons and sleeping out in the open alone is too risky). Pulls out the cool ranch and begins to review possible new memeber ship thread* After reviewing a few posts I have noticed quite a few of you are not only obviously jealous of my newly aquired CT but leaving me with a sense that infact you may be evil witches. Now being terrified of witches of course I will likely spend the rest of the day digging a hole in the back yard to hide my precious belongings (cause that's what strype does, and I do what strype does) and drink until I don't hurt inside anymore.
  2. OK......I want in
  3. I count 29. :)
  4. Dman.....I think i am meeting up with 87ttopstang at the show in Toronto late going?
  5. Yeah I'll be there...trailer is available and have recruited a few good people to make the trip.
  6. What show is in Toronto? I'm only 2 hours away and have no problem driving that far for a good car show.
  7. Let me hear you say



  8. yup that's me second in from the you can see I'm lucky I even made it the the photo shoot...cops coulda grabed me up easy! Sure you noticed by the short sleve shirt...I brought the GUNS with me...da 14.25" diameter guns courtesy of Golds Gym baby!
  9. let me in :)
  10. All you have to do is find DeVus1 and give him a good reason to let you in.

    Membership has it's privileges...

    7 virgins
    A garage full of Stangs
    lifetime supply of beer

    Oh wait - that is my PERSONAL wish list. I know that membership list is somewhere...
  11. Ey.. Since You Guys are going to Toronto.. Maybe I'll go.. and bring 2 friends!..
    Don't forget the Parachute Pants and the Zigzags in ya head:nice:

    "Dun Dun Dun DUNDUNDUNDUN... Dundun dun dun DUNDUNDUNDUN..."
  12. "rollin in the 5.0 can't afford a real car and it's feelin kinda slow"...nilla ice was the poo poo...or was it he was just full of poo?
  13. Come on - what is this Toronto show all about???

    It's not the "super duper secret show" it?
  14. That was my answer to your question up there. ^^^ :D "B"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.