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  1. Dont wanna know....
  2. I'm just a man and a guy and a dude and I'm hunguryyyy.........Jonesin for a grilled steak taco...taste that can't be beat......So I walk and I run cause I can't find my horse to ride there.
  3. :lol: hahhaha *evil laugh as well* MUAAAHHHH!!!

    On a different note, me and my girl (along with my friend and his girl) went to the NHRA finals today at raceway park in englishtown... it was hot as hell out, as well as some hawt racin!! :nice:

  4. *Completely from memory*

    "This is 'Young M.C.' with a story to tell, I just gotta free cup from Taco Bell and MTV makes the whole thing fun- Buy a Giant Size Pepsi and you'll get one. Four cups in all, so don't stand still and if ya got an empty cup you get a free refill. Come to Taco Bell and you'll see true we got these 4 cups they're just for you, Taco Bell only has them for a limited time- that's why I come to ya with a limited rhyme, for one of thes cups you gotta place your order...

    So take my advice better run for the border."

    Trademarked beyatches... my memory is a curse :nice:
  5. It's Father's Day... I think I'll go drink til I quit breathing.
  6. Who you gonna drink wit?... I heard the Frog wants in.. Man You lucky A....
    It's like having a tea party.. just with beerrrrr and stuffed animals instead!

    There I go mumblin again:nono:
  7. hey strype....what ya drinking
  8. I think I heard him say a Pina Colada[​IMG]
  9. probly Americian beer (water) lol J/K
  10. And Strype in the morning after a good night of Drinking....(notice his "REDNEK" toilet)

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  11. dont forget me im here!
  13. Where's Raven :shrug:
  14. I'm not sure how I missed this thread but...

    The Talk Posse works much like a CT does, by invitation only.
  15. I'm just proud to be part of such a fine group of people. :) very proud :)...ding fries are done.

  16. lmfao :lol:

    I just got the image of a plane catching fire and drooooooooooooooooooooooooooppin out of the sky
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