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Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by rygenstormlocke, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. So we have new moderation, we have some new sticky's (FAQ, sound clips, technical write ups, etc.).

    So whats the latest? What do people think of the new sticky's, how about some updates to them? Whos upgrading? (Gears, TLOK, TT, Auburn, N20, SC, TC). Whos doing exhaust? Did you know Flowmaster is comming out with a complete dual kit sometime around March/April?

    Track season is closed for me (on the east coast), but I'm sure some of our Stang brothers/sisters in the warmer climates can still get to a track. Any new 1/4 mile times.

    This forum has picked up, so lets keep it that way.

    News for me: Ordered an X pipe, once it arrives I will have it installed and dyno'd. Gonna prove Y pipe vs true duals once and for all. Excepcion13 is doing the same with his H pipe. So we will finally put an end to the HP debate over Y pipe, H or X with some hard numbers, even if we don't get a gain!

    I will also be posting some numbers with the Zex, at 100HP shot.

    Anyway I am done, just thought I would try to kick it up a notch in here. :SNSign:
  2. Great idea.... here's my recent upgrade:

    Motive 3.73 gears and an Auburn limited slip differential... Rygen... I know you've seen this before, but for the benefit of others... here's a couple viddies I made the other day testing out the Auburn limited slip... my wife was holding the camera. She followed my directions perfectly!

    First one... gave a few revs and just stomped on the gas (about 10 megs)

    Second one... powerbraked just a bit (about 6 megs)

    No more one wheeled burnouts for me!

    Here are smaller files for those of you with slower connections... these are the same clips but the sound quality isn't quite as good and they are much, much smaller

    First one... (about 1.5 megs)

    Second one... (less than 1 meg)
  3. Mods? Heck no, I'm keeping my car stock! :SNSign:
  4. Hey Rygen,

    Can you post some updated pics of your car? I want to see that new hood.
  5. No more mods for me... I'm done....
  6. Just got gt takeoff rims.

    Ordered detroit truetrac and ford racing 3.73 gears

    painted my rocker panels to match the car.

    Did the PHP alternator pulley.

    That was january for ya lol

  7. Thanks for the interest. The stripes go on tomorrow, depending on how they look on the car with the new spoiler I may opt not to put the hood scoop on. I should have waited on the buying the scoop, but I am a mod addict. So I am going to do this first and see how the car looks.

    I'll have updated pics soon.
  8. Right on!

  9. C'mon Scrming, what about some chrome knobs inside the car? What about the rear window louver, still on the review list for you?

    And didn't you mention DR's at some point?
  10. yea right!

    any way i just installed my new roto pros drill and slotted rotors
  11. Excellent Tom. Did you take any pics when you did it?
  12. Update: Just installed push button start (s2000 button) about 25 min ago lol :) works great
  13. Fazm... nice!

  14. Sweet, how about some pics.
  15. sounds like a write up is needed :SNSign:
  16. Another writeup? lol i just followed the instructions over on TMS from the people that have done it there. Really cool and functional mod for under $40. Cant beat that. And with the chrome around my vents the chrome around the start button really looks factory.

    EDIT: Ill take some pictures tomorrow and post them with my painted rocker panels that i did yesterday (now THAT is a great cheap mod if you know how to paint yourself)
  17. Heres the photos of the start button and the rocker panels.

    Attached Files:

  18. Looks great, love the finish on the dash.
  19. Thanks, got that for free from ford (top, radio, cupholder, doorlocks, door handles) because they added it to the car after they quoted me on it :)
  20. so does that thing just push into the cigerrete lighter deal? charger plug?