Mach 1 Stangnet Video Compilation Part 2

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by poneypower89, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Ok guys, if you haven't already heard I'm putting together a compilation video of us Stangnet Member's rides. The complete video will be posted on the stangnet homepage (or so I've been told).

    So, everyone who can contribute really should. You will get to see your ride in a video with fellow stangers and let n00bs see what being a mustang fanatic is all about.

    If you have already posted up video for PART 1 then THANK YOU. I've already got those saved and ready for editing.

    If you have NOT contributed yet there are several ways you can.

    The first way (and way that I prefer) is to use the submission form that I created. Please use it to upload your raw videos and pictures of your car. Once the form says the files have been uploaded then you are good to go because now I have them :nice:

    Stangnet Video Submission Form

    If you do not have the files saved to your computer but you DO have them somewhere on the internet. Please post the link to where those videos can be found and I will do my best to download/rip them from wherever they are being hosted.

    If you do not have any videos.. GO MAKE SOME! It will be worth your troubles in the end. :SNSign:

    Im also still open for any suggestions for how everyone would like to see the video so go ahead and keep those coming!

    Thank you everybody!