Stang's Totaled - Goodbye to CobraRed's SN95

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    Was in teh twisties with a bunch of friends and my ABS light comes on. Had twice this week, but with nothing changing. Even brake checked before and noticed nothing diff. This time when i came up to the corner going 40 maybe 45 (not too spirited, fog was rolling in by now) the pedal slowly squeezed to the floor and didnt come back up. I pupped it a bit and it helped a small amount then fell again. Think i remember going for the ebrake, didn't help though. Spent too much time trying to normal brake, shoulda downshifted/e-brake early.

    Careened off the road via carrying too much speed to be able for the front tires to steer me much around a pretty modest corner. Went about 15ft down 20 ft lateral to road into a ravine against the hill. Thinking just now the corner wasnt that bad, i could have went into the oncoming lane and gotten through if i didnt panic about the brakes. Next corner would still be a prob, much much more time to think.

    I bloodied up my arm a bit and bruised my lower left side. But otherwise i'm fine, I thank god. I can show a pic, but its kinda homo

    More interesting pics:



  2. As for the lines, they are teflon coated SS lines. I noticed a noise (thumping) when i turned hard left after install. Took wheel off to see the teflon being worn into, determined it was from tire and the line was bending/buldging the wrong way. I rerouted it and tightened it and the noise went away. The next time i had the wheel off i noticed the wear, and thought it was even more but couldn't be sure. Was going to wait to take my front spring isolators out to change the one, was likely going to do it end of month. I can show the brake line in question tmw. Not sure if it's a dual chambered master, the rears could have been slowing me down, i dunno - the pressure was just dropping the pedal. The car just kinda kept going straight as i couldn't carry the speed around the rest of the corner.

    Just now:
    Took me about 70mins to get the driver side wheel off, the tire ground into the body and binded on the hub, but I found the culprit. I stepped on the pedal and a 4ft fanning out spray came out of this thing. The caliper was loose and could float around by hand. The pads were recessed.



    The pedal still had some pressure although slowly sank to the floor. I was watching the rear brakes and it looked like they worked until the pedal hit the bottom. I should have vigorously pumped the brakes, that would have worked best - as it wouldn't give the rupture time to let out all the pressure as the hole is small. So many things I should have done and didn't :(

    Brake fluid spots from while driving

    The inside of my wheels also have brake fluid in it

    MC still had about 1/3-1/4 fluid left :( Doesn't leak until the pedal is pressed


    Current state:
  3. I hate to hear that. Just a good example of paying paticular atention to the major system on our cars I guess. I really loved your car too! One of the nicest SN95's around! Hope you get done right by the insurance company. Good luck bud.
  4. holy $hit:( you were the last person i would think would post somthing like this!, that sucks, and didnt you evenhave a motor going together for it, i realy sorry to hear this:(

    are you going to part out the reast of it?
  5. Glad your ok. Your stang was a great example of well done show/go modded aeros. Very lucky on the spill, twisties usually mean drop offs.

    Now the parting out and salvaging what you can begins.
  6. :(

    I am very sad to see this. I feel real bad for you. Glad you're ok but at the same time I feel really bad for you.
  7. Yeah, for some reason i thought I'd be the last person to make one of these threads too. Im just glad the brakes didn't go out when i was trying to avoid a van full of kids. I only injured myself the car and my pride.

    I have forged engine/blower cams/supercharger/-10 fuel system all awaiting to go into a car that doesnt exist anymore.
  8. Man, hate to see this. Glad you're ok, though. That was one nice car. Hope everything works out for you with the insurance and all.

  9. I ignored the homo warning, thats a gnarley gash man, glad your ok thou
  10. dude...that sucks. really sorry to hear that. hope this isnt too soon but are you interested in selling some of your parts? i would be interested in some. pm me if you are. glad you are ok....can always replace sheet metal. it's alot harder to replace body parts.
  11. yes, 90% of the car im not keeping. People are welcome to pm me, as long as its not in this thread.
    I've come to terms with the wreckage - im just happy to be alright and to have so many people that care about me.
  12. Damn, it does that bring back memories from my 20's... Glad your OK!!
    I just want to know where you got that rear wing/spolier from. It's what I have been looking for.
  13. Kaenan's are hard to find. I was directed to a number, just a phone number no name no company name and i called he asked for address and card number and i got it 5 days later. (I lose the number). He was on the east coast. Good luck finding a kaenan. I have 2 local people wanting it already and this happened the night before last.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Thankfully you weren't hurt too bad and either was anyone else. Its very easy to take for granted even simple drive to the store and back. Things like this really make you appreciate the important things in life.

    As for the car, she was definately a beauty. Sorry to see it end up like that. Hopefully the insurance company will do you right man! This could give you an opportunity to do something different. I've always liked the modular swapped foxbody coupes! Just a thought.
  15. dude, chris, this is really sad for me man, i cant even imagine how your feeling. Glad your ok though. Im really sorry to hear bro. Good luck with ur insurance claims and all that other stuff.

    I wish you a real red cobra in the future man.
  16. Oh dude, you are taking this way better than I would be considering the time, money, and dedication you have into the car. Looking at that damage, it must have been one incredible hit. Did it wreck the trans? I would consider getting another Aero personally, since you have so many well-executed parts for them already.
  17. Well, if you can't get rid of it (as if, right?) let me know. :D
  18. Oh that sucks. Your car was awesome. I sure hole you get another mustang.