Stang's Totaled - Goodbye to CobraRed's SN95

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by CobraRed_96_GT, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Damnit!!!! This sucks to hear:( Sorry for your loss Chris, but glad that you made it out ok... I always liked your car too, especially with its last set of exterior upgrades & for its originality. I'm sure eventually you will pick up another 1 & drop that motor in....

    This also definitely opened up my eyes & I will give my brakes on my cars a once over.....
  2. Chin up and bounce back, you may not knowit but, your character has probaly improved like 200 percent. Now, strive to get a better and nastier stang, do it faster, smarter, and make it new and improved. Sometimes awful, awful things happen to awsome people to make the better humans. My best wishes!
  3. glad to hear that your not badly injured, I know how you u feel I had a mach 1 with 9k on it and it was totaled out. The emotional pain is worse than the physical pain, good luck with insurance.
  4. I can Buff that out.....
  5. :lol:, I was actually going to say that about you, if you had posted something else. I'm not laughing at the wreck CobraRed, just trying to lighten teh mood. I'm sure your next stang will be every bit as meticulous:nice:
  6. That blows! Thank god your ok. Your car one of the nices and well cared for cars I've seen. Take your time and jump right back in the Stang game. If I totaled mine, I'd be right back in another one. I just love Mustangs. It really sucks when you put your heart and soul into something and it's taken away from you. That just life unfortunetely. Take care and good luck. Pearl02.
  7. I wont be RIGHT back in the game. But im planning it already. Will drive around a semi crappy DD for awhile before finding a suitable roller/blown engine surgery patient.
  8. At least you are ok.

    Did the airbag(s) deploy?
  9. Sorry to hear this man. That sucks!:notnice: But glad you are ok and safe! I know its hard...but cars are replacable....lives are not
  10. Indeed.

    Glad you're in one piece.
  11. Hey Chris, sorry about what happened, really really am!!!! i know we've talked off and on about your car, and I've done those videos for you, and I was thinking that we'd get together maybe next spring when I get to cali and check that ride out...

    But the main thing is that you're not seriously injured, and I've been out there on that road, and I know how it is, especially at night... Its a great drive, but if something happens, it can be deadly if you aren't careful. I'm thankful that you made it out alive going off one of those revines!!

    Keep in touch man...

  12. Will do mark, maybe you'll see my new project car next time ur in town
  13. yeah, that sounds like a winner... and if your still driving the beater, maybe it'll make it over to the beach and back... haha
  14. dude glad to see your ok i loved that car man it was one of the cars where i always clicked on ur threads to see what was up such a shame... on a side note do you guys have any tutorials on putting the hammer shifter in and how hard it was>?
  15. Good luck, Chris. Wish the best for you. It seems like you have a cool head on top of your shoulders, and with your knowledge, I'm sure you will be going fast, very fast soon. Good luck.

  16. Thanks Mark. Been looking at busted engine 01-04 V6's since i have my own drivetrain most of which is brand new. I thought about a aero SN95, but I dont want to replace her like that. Lol
  17. Funny you mention that as I lost my 2002 GT on April 1st of 2008 - totaled. From one Chris to another, keep your chin up bro, you'll be back in the saddle soon enough. In the end, I upgraded to a Mach 1 a few days later.
    I am REALLY surprised to hear you say the motor is ok. On mine the power steering fuild reserve was pushed back into the DS cam cover and impacted the timing chain/gear. I dunno if they dug into it any further, but Ford wrote it off as a complete loss (which added to making mine an easy "total loss")

    HANG IN THERE! Most importantly glad you are OK.


  18. Yeah, the damage stopped at taking out one coil pack. Everything else back is untouched. CAI got shredded in the front and i shredded my finger up a bit taking it out, lol. Just sheetmetal from the heat shield going every which way.
  19. Aeros are shecksier. :D
    My ultimate Stang would be a 94-98 Aero with the 96-98 Cobra body stuff and a complete 03/04 Cobra drivetrain including the rear end but with a Teksid block. :drool: In Laser Red... :drool: :drool:
  20. I dunno - i would have to find the right one. Wouldn't be easy.