Stang's Totaled - Goodbye to CobraRed's SN95

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by CobraRed_96_GT, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. don't rush into anything... you'll find the right car at the right time... sometimes its best to wait a while, so you have time to think. Rush decisions often bring about problems down the road...
  2. I agree. Last thing i need to do is rush to put a 700hp engine in a different stang then crash that.
  3. your speed probably will reduce for a little while, regardless of what you drive... ;)
  4. Wow, that really sucks man. Your car was a great example of what a clean, tastefully modded and well kept Aero GT should be.

    Biggest thing, as said already, is that you are ok. It sucks about the car, but it can be replaced.
  5. why the IRS.. that thing sucks
  6. Opinions vary. On a rough road it rides better, on an uneven or rough corner it tracks better and even though its heavier that is a bonus because that makes the cars center point farther back making a more neutral car.
    An IRS can accelerate harder out of a corner compared to a SRA because both tweels are still flat on the pavement. :nice:
  7. In stock form yes, but when properly modded its BADASS! Unless the car is a straight line car only

  8. Had water in one port, yet when i took off the PI manifold no water was coming out.
    View attachment 242413

    Ports are sexy tho:
  9. New DD



    94 22RE, 5-speed, 120k miles
  10. Hell yeah. ****ers will last forever.
  11. The next stang will also be getting a cage
  12. dude that sucks, i know exactly how u feel. im still gettin mine back to her original beauty before i had my accident. im at 3 years and counting but she's almost there, paint and interior are next and very soon.
  13. Those things will get about a billion miles out of them. :nice:
  14. Man! Sorry for your loss. It was a CLEAN ride for sure!

    I hate to read posts like this. :(
  15. Thanks, man. She's missed
  16. Yup, great choice. Top Gear drove one through a wall, an office, drownd it, dropped a camper on it, set it on fire and put it on a sky rise that was demolished and the truck could still start and be driven with no new parts. They are very robust. :nice:
  17. ^ LOL,
    Seriously, i remember that episode better than any other episode. These are seriously great trucks. Clean pick up chris.
  18. I had to go out and do a parody of my last shot, epic: