Starkey fog light kit

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  1. Wanted to give a plug to Starkey products for their fog light kit.

    I bout the kit after reading about it on a couple of forums.

    Pricey -- $300---ouch. But everyone said it was a breeze to install and a quality kit, and really its the only game in town that I could find unless you want to piece everything out yourself.

    Couldnt have been more right about the quality and ease to install.

    They use an OEM switch unit, they provide a pre-built harness that is well done, the lights themselves go right in with no problem into the stock opening, the finish bezels look great, and you get very thorough instructions with pics.

    Couple things that could be better : The instruction state that you need a 5.5 mm socket for the bolts holding the lower splash shield on...wrong. I belive they were 7 mm.

    And the fuse tap they use for getting power is, to me, a little questionable.

    I have used them in the past and I am sure it will be fine, but a more solid way to connect would be preffered.

    But I have installed some light kits over the years and this one was the best done one yet!!!!:nice:
  2. Shading, do you have any pictures during or after the installation. I'm interested in adding them to my 2007.
  3. I'm considering adding them to my 2012. Pics would be great, but the installation guide would be even better if you could send that somehow. I wanna figure out just how easy an install it is.
  4. Sorry for the delay.

    Here is a really looks stock.

    The directions are very clear and easy to follow....maybe conbtact Starkey and see if they will send a PDF of them?

    Pricey, but there is something to be said for ease of install and OEM looks.

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  5. They won't send it, but they are willing to waive shipping and restocking fees should I end up needing to return it because the install is too difficult. I don't expect it to be too hard, just wanted to see the instructions before committing $300+ lol

    Did you use anything to help you get underneath the car?
  6. Well, thats just dumb. Why a company wouldnt do that.

    Anyways, the kit is easy if you have any mechanical skill at all.

    I used ramps to get the front end up.......mine are standard height ramps and they dont fit under the 'Stang on "level" (flat) ground....I pulled the car into my garage backwards and since my driveway slopes down a little from there I was then able to use the ramps. They make low profile ramps too I am told. If you are skinny and very limber you may be able to get the job done without lifting the front end , but getting under the front end is mandatory.

    The stock inserts in the spaces where the light will go pop right out with sepcific how-to in the instructions. Easy.

    The wiring harness is pre-built and they show you how to run it and where to connect it. You connect one line at the main power lead at the fuse box under the hood using a power tap insert.....then a connection at a pre-existing ground which they lay out very clearly.

    The fog lights pop into the spaces from underneath, and the there are 3 screws each. The harness plugs into them. Easy Peasy.

    The OEM light switch inside the car is easy to remove after loosening up the lower dash cover....the instructions give very clear how to's there also.

    Once you have the OEM switch out, you tap into a couple of wires in the car's wiring...probably the "hardest" part is unwrapping the wiring's tape cover without messing up the stock wires.....take your time and my advice is you want to unwrap a little more than you think you will need.

    The switch pops back in easily.

    I think I spent an hour doing it and that was with my 11 year old helping and wife supervising (its her car). LOL

    The kit is pricey IMHO for what it is.

    But, the componants are quality ones. The only part I dont care for is the power tap they provide at the fuse box under the hood. You remove a certain fuse and replace it with the fuse they provide, with the tap aleady on it....the tap itself is cheesey and I hate to use this type really...would have preferred to tap into an actual wire. But I figure they have a reason for it to be this way so I did it that way. I may look for an alternative power tap at some point if future checks indicate that the connection becomes suspect. For now it works great.

    I wouldn't suggest this project for someone who is a clutz and cant change a lightbulb. But if you have patience, some common sense and some very basic mechanical skill its a very easy project......on a difficulty scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the hardest, I'd give this a 2.

    The instructions are EXTREMELY clear and easy to follow.

    One thing I havent done yet is tweak the aim on the lights. You have to have access to the bottom of the front end again to do it, so its a bit of a PITA....but that is more due to the car's design than the kit itself. The lights are pretty close as far as aiming out of the box, at least mine were...YMMV.

    Good luck! Hope this helps you and others. (Starkey products, if you read this and get sales due to this post, feel free to send me a check to show your gratitude....LOL)
  7. Haha yeah. It's not difficulty I'm concerned about. I just don't have any way to assist getting under the car and I don't want to invest in jack stands for one project. My parents used to have ramps but have since gotten rid of them
  8. I installed these and love running them as daytime running lights with the new switch pulled out and on auto.

    Some rental places (e.g. sunbelt) rent jack stands.
  9. looks like i will be needing those fog light because i have tinted windshield and it is really tough to be driving at night just relying on your headlights alone.

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  10. How much more light do they provide during nighttime driving ? Is it a significant difference or just superficial ?
  11. I had a local mechanic install them for $100. Well worth it to me.