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  1. Sounds nasty!!!
  2. :drool:

    Is that the regular magnaflow cb or the magnapacks?
  3. :jaw: :drool: Sounds so good. Chub achieved!
  4. very nice!:D
  5. Great sound. I'm also curious, is that chambered mufflers or magnapacks? Either way that cam lope is sick.
  6. I'm the cars third owner in a year. The 1st vid is from a little over a year ago. He bought the car without an engine and transmission so he built a motor for it. It has a Windsor aluminum block bored .030 it is now a 286CI. The second is just after I got it. That third vid is from the guy I bought it from. I'm going to get some decent pics here soon and post them up...maybe with some action vids or something. I've been dealing with a few minor maintenance issues. Had to replace the TO bearing and get the exhaust cinched up. I drug it a couple of times. I have to get used to a lower than low car again. It has an oil leak that I need to address. Looks like it is coming from the valve cover. I'm also going to install a catch can to address the breather and oil issue I have. Overall the car is a beast...more than what I had before. It's not the fastest on the road but it does fine by me. It's got a direct injection nitrous kit on it but it isn't hooked up. I'm taking that off. I don't really want it. The rest of the mods are in my least what the seller told me.
  7. I like that magnapack sound. If you get video of the magnaflow chambered mufflers, post it up. Sweet ride either way.
  8. I'm throwed off...the muffs are SLP Powerflows now...not Magnaflows. Oops.
  9. I like it, very nice cars.