Start Of A New Project...again

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  1. yeah I'm right behind you pal
  2. I sleep pretty damn hard when I actually sleep. I only work 16 days a month and part of it gives me a 7 day off stretch every month. I'm very lucky to have a job like I have while I'm still young enough to do it. Makes you old in a hurry though.
    Haha I like noobz just fine. He takes the abuse as well as anyone. And an LS swap is going to draw a certain amount of flak.
    Yeah, I've got an issue of never being satisfied and an obsession with building stuff. It's a problem at times.
    I think the SN95 swap went great. And mechanically I loved the final product. But the body was not up to snuff and it sucks to have a ton of money into something that you're not 100% proud of. So this is my pursuit of that, as hectic and mismanaged as it may be :D
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  3. Yeah... Nobody should be salty about this project on my account. Sure, I'm more of a purist than most but I've always said that it doesn't have to be stock. The install should just make it look like it could have been. :)

    Even as a nay-sayer, I've followed this thread with interest, not dread.
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  4. I'm a purist as well and I'll give a jab here and there in the ribs over a swap like that but it's all about passion for muscle cars that's our common denominator here. I'm sure @tannerc91gt is tuff but if internet flak gets you down then you're not going to handle it well in person when you drive it around to the drags, meets or cruises.
  5. Don't let the morons that will never get past bolt on non sense bring you down. Nothing wrong with a swapped car. Lsx is better then a stock block 302 by far and anyone who disagrees is a idiot. If your not already on the bullet go over there.
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  6. Haha I'm far from having hurt feelings. The only opinions that count are my sponsors, which I currently have 0 :D
  7. I'm tired of all the bytchin....... Get the car, turn some wrenches, and post some pics already!
  8. image.jpg
    Workin on it
  9. I'm not a purist by any means. I know little about LS engines,stand alone ecu's,etc. So I couldn't offer much on comments before. I do like the platform shift. I don't like the sn95 cars but I followed the build. I really am looking forward to this one and hope to see a finished product with some timeslips.
  10. So since it is on the back of the truck and trailer i am assuming it is yours?

    Love the color. Just ****ed you are able to build a LS project , disassemble it and rebuild another before I have even started on mine.

    At least everything will pretty much swap over. The suspension will be straight forward too.
  11. I'm gonna start a little thread this evening. I'll need some input as I'm a little rusty with foxes now. And I'll lay out the plans. I'm just gonna need some technical advice
  12. Haha no problem. I have been doing a ton of research on mine and learned a lot. Still trying to get parts off of my donor car to get it out of here.

    Hit us up when you are ready. I am sure we will learn a lot more from you than you from us though.
  13. Car looks good. Was it pretty much what you were expecting when you got there?
  14. Actually no. But for what I paid for it, I still feel good about the deal.
    Car needs a windshield, didn't know/notice before.
    The bumpers both need replaced or resprayed. The paint is actually 3 weeks old and still needs buffed out once it's cured. But the bumpers both have an odd deteriorated texture to them as well as scratches, which the rest of the car doesn't. From 5ft you can't tell and you'll never notice in pictures but when the new hood gets painted, they will be replaced.
    He gave me the LRS quarter window covers because they suck like typical.
    One actually is pink because they had been starting to refinish them.
    I'll try the covers but probably just replace.
    Otherwise it really is probably a solid 8.5/10 exterior (I'm overly critical) and the dash and wheel are near mint.

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  15. Those tail lights need to go too
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  16. I had LX tails on my GT so you can count on ditching the GT tails.