Started my Cobra project - Here's the Remains of the donor

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  1. And you thought only classic mustangs rusted bad? This car is rusted through in many places! All the GT cladding held the dirt, and this thing has more holes than swiss cheese!

    Fortunately, it runs great, tinkered with the F.I., got it running even better! Smooth, strong, quiet. Anybody here want ther F.I.? Complete, you remove it, with cruise! Cheap!!!

    Kit arrives the 24th of April! :banana: :banana:
  2. Y'know, at last year's MATO, there was what I believe to be a Factory Five or similar clone (unless there really was a "67 Cobra") wearing full-dress 5.0 MAF EFI that actually looked pretty doggone good.

    Now, don't crucify me for blasphemy or anything; but, I'm thinking that you could further the Cobrask8 philosophy by using what you already have on hand; rather than going out and purchasing an expen$ive carb/intake combo :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  3. :stupid:

    But then I'm Cheap. :rlaugh:

  4. Have no fear. Dr.Chepsk8 has not lost his touch! :lol:

    For motor induction, I already have a 600cfm carb from my older cars, got a complete Unilite distributor for $100, and am swapping parts for an Edelbrock dual-plane intake manifold. Also, to cover the costs, I may have a buyer for the complete EFI!!!!

    HaH! any you guys think I'm going soft!!!! Phooey to you!!!! (LOL) (But I'm very pleased to see you guys holding me true to my reputation!!!) :banana:
  5. Good Luck on the trip to pick up your might have problems on I-95 around Bridgeport tho'...... :shrug:
    Wish I could join you, but it is looking like I may have to make a trip to Syracuse very, very soon............... :(
  6. aluminum 427 sideoiler?
  7. Small cubes & High Rev's...

    Nah, I like 'em small and screaming!!! :rlaugh:
  8. pervert! :nonono: :p
  9. whatcha gonna do with that interior?
  10. trash, trash, trash, as it's filthy!