Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. some of you might remember this car we picked up last spring, Rusty was a fitting name. Started on it, here's some pics...
    Messed around with some 93 cobra rims cause I had them and tried a new look on the hood and grill.
    And now the hard work begins...
    rustybuild003.jpg rustybuild011.jpg
    Gonna be a long winter. Got some subframes welded in more pics for ya this weekend, Next is mini tub.

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  2. You could have used the Fred Flinstone method to stop with those floor boards.

    Mini tubs... it should be a nasty car when you get done with it. :nice:
  3. How did the new pans fit? i passed up a capri that needed pans because I was afraid they would fit like chit and be a pain to put in.
  4. oh man, i can already tell this is going to be my favorite progress thread haha... keep 'em coming man :nice:
  5. drool.....

    I want a t-top coupe so bad i would trade the ol lady for it.
    She is cute too... she is reading this... i am in trouble....

    OUCH! I just got hit!
  6. Wow, some progress there.

    I sure hope Joe didn't sell it to you as "rust free", LOL!
  7. As if T-Tops weren't rare enough, a T-Top Notch......thats awesome. :nice: Keep us posted!
  8. Got the sub frames welded in along with the cross member. Fabbed up the start of my street cage...

    The doors and the passengerside rear quarter are pretty cancerous so here are some replacements we picked up over the summer

    need to call Cervini here...

    Picked these up, got l.e.d.'s put in and they will be sequential, thought that would be different.

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  9. lookin good this thread already..keep it goin:nice:
  10. Thats....nice....

    I am in the process of trying to pick up a 85 t top coupe.
  11. I love the look of my 86 T-Top.....but wait till you have to buy a t-top weatherstripping kit.......400US +++++
  12. Yea, I know the price on the weather stripping kit-deadly. And to Mike, the pans came from Fox Restoration. They did not fit perfectly, it took some beating to make them work.
  13. Are you using those red doors?
  14. you mean the brown ones?
  15. awesome project and nice work so far! PLEASE keep this thread alive! I love thse builds. even if you don't do any work just throw a couple of useless pics our way every so often to keep us wanting more!! :nice:
  16. Looks like you got quite a project set for ya, good luck
  17. fixed
  18. Whats your plan for this one? Didnt know the rust was that bad in the first thread you made about it. Looks like fun.
  19. yeah,are you using the brown doors? the are full door? or you cutting the door frame off?
  20. Yea, I was wondering the same cause T-top doors are obvoisly frameless. Are you using the glass from your old doors?