Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. The brown doors have to be cut. Glass is o.k.
  2. What a bad ass project!! What are the overall plans for the car????
  3. a little more progress, one step forward and alot back...
    Got the forward supports fabbed and tack welded in for the street cage...

    found the build sheet that was pretty cool
    rear bumper support will need a replacement as well as fuel tank(that was gonna be custom anyhoo)
    View attachment 279854
    Got replacement quarter outer skin off donor quarter january6rustybuild002.jpg
    View attachment 279860

    Got replacement quarter skin off and ready to go
    Just for the recordthiswas all Julie's idea, God knows I'd do anything for her, this will be a real testament to that. She knows how to pick em doesn't she!:lol:

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  4. Is the glass smaller on the non t-top doors? It always seemed like the glass is smaller, although I could be wrong.

    Whats your plan for paint for it?
  5. coming along well. im sure it'll be awesome considering how your other coupe came out.
  6. No the glass is not smaller, Also it is a myth about the doors being specifiic. as for the paint, it's gonna be under wraps for now, since after the first car everyone and their brother did a two toned paint scheme.:lol:
  7. More updates, this is good, having this thread, It forces me to make a photo journal. Hope I'm not boring everyone. Found a couple more bad spots
    Got the bad quarter cut out
    It had been repaired there..
    Replaced bad piece on wheel house and got it welded in.


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  8. I love it! Keep up the progress and Pictures!! :nice:
  9. Some more progress over the weekend

    Ordered the mini tub today and the rear coil overs and sway bar from Auto Weld Chassis out of Pa.

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  10. Man lots of progress so far.

    Is there any way you could get some pic of the subframes from under the car?
  11. Nice work, saving another Mustang from the junkyard!
  12. more impressive progress, would you mind me asking if this is what you do for a living or is this just a passion of yours? it looks like you've already forgotten more than i know about building cars at age 23 :rlaugh:
  13. Nice work man lovin the progress
  14. Awesome work, might have to send Joe over here!
  15. Great job preserving such a rare body :nice:. What are your plans for the exterior? Are you going to stay with an 83-84 style front bumper? I will be following this build for sure.
  16. Thanks everyone.
    1991notchback - I want to have cars like this and I'm just too tight to pay someone to do it, so I find out how to get it done and go.

    25th. - yea bring Joe over and when he see's all the stuff he'll feel lucky.

    Coast2Coastang - We will retain all of the foureyed ques that we can especially the front end. Oh yea and for sure the star trek steering wheel is a keeper.:lol:


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  17. Looking good guys. Keep the pics coming.
  18. suscribing....Great thread!


  19. feel lucky?!?!

    i know you're kidding .

    Im gonna be kicking myself for loong time i sold this car. the great thing about seelling it to you, was that I KNEW it was going into really one of the only set of hands i would sell a car of this caliber too. i had seen the work you did on your car and i just knew it was gonna be done right. At least I can say i usta own the rarest fox ever :)

    Great work and i cant wait to see the next pics of it...until then ill be in the corner... kicking my ass for selling a t- notch :)
  20. haha i better fix my signature.