Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. +1 i'd love to have rims in that finish, maybe some new edge saleens
  2. So is it running yet????

    You have to be getting close!
  3. NEED UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!
  4. OMG, this thread is the bomb! I can't believe I never read it... till now. That is amazing what you did. When I seen the rust on the first page, I almost s***. How the hell did you even drive it with that big ass hole in the floor? Lol.. man, thank god I don't live in Michigan any more. Road salt really eats everything alive. Suddenly, that rust hole in my trunk don't seem so bad ... lol

    But now, you go and turned that thing from POS rustbucket into prized work of art! WOW.. is all I can say. I would not of had the motivation to do all the work you did. I can't imagine how much you spent on all those parts, seats etc. Very nice job... and NICE paint. I love that color. Kudos to your gf helping out. Where can I find a chick that likes stangs.. and ALSO likes working on them? :drool:
  5. Thought we were gonna fire her last night til the wiring gremlins decided to fork around, my worst nightmare. Got an awesome tranny on the way too.

    Close but this will take a while to sort out, I'm afraid.


    Thanks, yea the gf:rlaugh: being into the whole thing is a plus, this is actually her car.

    O.k. the good news is we are off jackstands, bad news is the wiring issue. The camera screwed up so I have no pics of the stance, but it is everything I dreamed and more, totally slammed. try for some stance pics tommorow, for now here ya go.
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  6. i would have gone with one piece headlights
  7. As always you have out done yourself!!! AGAIN!!!!

    Makes me want to build something... Just don't know what I want
  8. Is that a joke? If not, what are you talking about? Thx
  9. I like it... alot

    How come you filled in the vents on the back of the hood?
  10. Good Lord! :drool:

    what type of wiring issues are you having?!
  11. Sorry to hear about the electrical gremlins... I know how much you hate them!

    I also touched up your pics to bring out the color of the car... Looking good!

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  12. i just went through all 20 pages of this eyes are blood-shot lol...beautiful car though

  13. There are no vents. I have the same Boss hood. It actually has an opening at the back. From their ad:

    "Boss hoods maximize airflow and structural strength by moving the rear portion of the framework 1"away from the firewall. This allows airflow across the entire rear section of the cowl for maximum cooling. Race testing has proven that this design will keep your inlet temp within 5 degrees of the ambient air temperature. This gives you a denser air charge for more power!"
  14. mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it one hell of a job should be fun to drive .
  15. just ordered a boss inc hood for my car, seem like a nice piece. Free shipping right now too, i just have to go pick it up. Cant beat that
  16. I think it was a crack on it being a 4 eye, not a 87-93 car. S&B no likie the 4 eye.
  17. SENT YOU A PM..... Looks like an interesting product

    What do you think?
  18. Been so busy dealing with issues, haven't had time for this. Turns out my XPI timing lock box was faulty, took out all the senders, the TFI and the stator,not fun. The stock computer does not like the 60# injectors, as it puts the car into a flooded condition on start-up. The only person willing to help me with a start-up chip was JLP, and it worked to start the car but then the air/fuel went to crap on idle, without the chip the air/fuel is perfect but the car is very difficult to start in the flooded condition, so we are still dealing with that. He is going to change somthing. Might have to resort to a PMS or somthing similar. Did drive the thing in and out of the garage to test the tranny, the exhaust sounds amazing. Here are a few shots from outside in natural light, and of the tranny, got new front tires and the stance is amazing, will get some shots of it soon.
    Thanks everyone for following along through this whole thing.

    powdercoated the tranny cooler



    indoor shot
  19. Thats pure evil looking Terry.

    GREAT work!
  20. I love what you did with the ignition, how it comes out of the strut tower. Simply amazing man. To have a car look half as good as that would be a treat. :)