Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. Call me crazy, but I would have started that project with a nice acid dip. But hell the whole car might have disappeared. You really know how to fabricate those cars, I don't remember seeing a 2 door coupe t-top, must be rare! I have a 79' pacecar with a moon roof I'm welding a t-top on to because the top is Swiss Cheese. I love your work, wish there were more real car builders like you.
  2. I just spent 45 minutes going through the whole thread.

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

    You and that car are awesome. I couldn't imagine how much time and money you have in it.

  3. +1 to that. That car is insane!
  4. Its been a while since I checked this thread and OMFG!! What a beautiful car! the attention to detail is just incrediable!

    I cant wait to take delivery of it! :p
  5. No, thank you!
  6. Good luck with the tuning. I wish I could be there to help!
  7. Thanks

    At times i begin to wonder why I get myself into all this.

    Both are staggering.


    Last week I probably would have delivered it to the first taker.

    You would be proud of us today.

    Well after having my butt kicked for the past 2 weeks with these 60# injectors, Anderson Motorsports bailed me out. After phone calls with tuners that just want to get you to their dyno and mail ordering chips that were not even close. With one key stroke on the PMS it fired in a non flooded start with just the key. It arrived in 2 days, took 45 min. to install, in one day Rick Anderson had our custom start up tune, we entered it ourself in about 15 min. and took the car out on the street for the first time!!!!!!!
    Here are some pics of it outside, needs an alignment.

  8. I need a cold shower now. This car has me all hot and bothered! lol I can't wait to SEE how she runs...HINT...HINT... You gotta post vids as soon as she's tuned.

    I'd love to have just the suspension setup you have in this car. I'm not even worthy of the rest of the awesomeness. :hail2::hail2::hail2:
  9. I saw your post in Tech here, and i saw your post over on Corral about the issues with the injectors. I had no input as you were out of my realm of knowledge :(

    Glad to hear you got things sorted out. I plan on going turbo in the fall and if i run into tuning issues a PMS was my first choice. I won't be running twins, and won't have the kind of engine work you have so i don't think i'll have much issue. I'm going to be running 42lb injectors when the time comes.
  10. The way that car sits and looks is just insane!

    I hope you guys get it buttoned up and enjoy it all summer!!
  11. what are the power goals, and i dunno if i missed it but what were the details on the turbos
  12. that is a very beautiful project!
  13. So, the PMS is where it's at huh? I've been toying with the idea of going that route along with my upcoming engine build.
  14. Wow... that thing is just amazing!
    I've followed this project from you started and.. well I am just speechless :nice:

    More pics please - and then please ship it to Norway, thank you very much :D
  15. You got that thing tuned yet? :stick: LOL

    How is it progressing?
  16. Oh, great, thanks for talking us into the Anderson PMS. We put Ricks base tune in and changed a couple of things with idle. Took it out today and made a little boost, and he;s spot on with air fuel and timing. Hearing the twins blow off in unison is:D
  17. When we going to see dyno numbers?
  18. Good to hear you are getting everything ironed out!
  19. We are really liking the PMS, very easy to use, we are using what Rick came up with basically and just tweaked a few things like cranking fuel and idle. It was scarey to make boost, trusting what you had entered into this little device, but at boost the fuel fattened up. Also has some diagnostics, which are pretty nice.

    I think we are close on all of our issues now, and we we're hoping for that kind of stance , thanks Brian.

    It would be great to make more than the red/black car, we'll see. At least this motor and tranny should hold up. The turbos are 57 trims.

    I would recommend it, there is also a website called all about tuning with the PMS.

    Wow, thanks for the comments and thanks for following along, I'll be happy to get some more pics up.

    We will get some dyno numbers sometime, but this thing ran a bit over budget and I'm not thinking 28 spline axles and the stock 8.8 are gonna cut it.
  20. Photoshoot at my house!!!! I will be looking for some good back drops!