Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. Yea. Got this one the other day.

  2. I cleaned up the pic and now you see the true color.

    By vetetr at 2010-06-02

    By vetetr at 2010-06-02
  3. when will it be in 5.0 or MMFF?
  4. :lol: That would be a bonus.
  5. Dude... Comon, don't kid yourself. Bring this thing to shows that mags will be at, and you know without a doubt this car will be in Multiple magazines. Its a true work of art and i commend and wish i had the skills (and funds!) to do what you did here. :nice:
  6. So.... You got all the tuning figured out yet?
  7. The tuning seems good except I wish it would key start a little cleaner, but it's acceptable. Right now all the hot side is at JET HOT getting coated.
  8. Seriously nice work:nice:
  9. congrats, any power numbers?
  10. A few more miles for the motor break in then we can find out.
  11. Saw this on FEP today... I knew it would make it into a mag, who knew that it would at the very first car show you took it to!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. :)
  13. thank God you were right.
  14. congrats!! ill definitely make sure to scoop up that issue.
  15. This is easily one of the greatest car builds I have ever read through. I wish I had your time, talent and money. My welding is pretty poor.

    I had considered the decal/clearcoated idea long ago and after see yours, I am sold on it. I missed it somewhere - where did you find the decals?
  16. came out excellent
  17. I love that PA gets nice magazine representation.
  18. Thanks

    Thanks,man. Got the decals at our local paint supply/vinyl sign shop. Did some experimenting, you must use a high grade of vinyl or it will fail. We did test panels and practiced on how many coats of clear it took to bury the edge.