Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. Well after putting a couple hundred miles on the car it is evident that my used stock rearend is not gonna last. That FB auto hits pretty hard, started making bad noises. Decided to try the Eaton True Trac with Superior 31 spline axels. Powdercoated the dif cover in Gunmetal Chrome to match the rest of the under carriage parts.
  2. God this car is an animal!
  3. Congrats on the magazine shoot. I still have the article from your black and red car.
  4. It's that time of the year again, to work on the car. I had some things I wanted to upgrade after running the car for a few hundred miles last year.
    Really wanted to upgrade the steering rack from the stock one. This one is a quick ratio. it will get painted to match the rest of the engine bay.

    Also needed to upgrade oil pans, DSS recomends a deep sump tank, so you won't suck her dry, we did this on the 93 right away, don't know why i didn't do it on this one. got a screamin deal from CFR Performance, included the pickup and the stick, this will get powdercoated to match the engine

    New crossmember is another area, and new bushings. This is Summit brand with Steeda offset bushings. Fabbed my own tranny mounts, this also allows me to get a little better clearance with exhaust. this will bet podercoated as well.

    Old ...


    tranny mounted, mock up.
  5. How do you like that cross member, ive been toying around with getting it
  6. The quality seems great, the only drawback for some maybe that you have to come up with the tranny mounts. I just fabbed my own, which I liked better.
  7. sick! just when I thought it was perfect......

    where's the the cross member from?
  8. Thanks, Cauley.
  9. Did you ever get this thing dyno'd? peace

  10. the stock style mount didnt work?
  11. No, won't work.
  12. gay, guess i can use my MM mount in the 88.
    What wouldnt work? Too wide, too narrow?
  13. Got the stuff in powder and installed, decided to powdercoat the tranny pan as well, it just came black from Freddy Brown


    I'm going to run a tranny temp gauge now, makes me bothered just relying that the fans are adequate, this way I'll know for sure
  14. fantastic build! thanks for sharing
  15. Thanks for following
  16. No, i want a solid mount. Just dont want to toss out the one i have, guess i lathe some solid bushings for the stock mount
  17. Yea, that'll work fine.