Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. terry,

    i still have the whole file of photos i have of teh car that i sent you. if you would like them let me know and ill get them to you


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  2. Looking good Terry! Can't wait to see it finished!
  3. looking awesome so far!
  4. Look what Fed Ex dropped off today, part of my Auto Weld Chassis mini tub. Gonna get going on it right away, pictures this weekend to follow.:nice:
  5. Yes! More pics.
  6. I quess you can't see what Fed Ex dropped off because some one forgot to put the pics:lol:


    We're gonna make some progress now.

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  7. Haven't been on for a while but here it goes, spent slot of time fabbing custom patches to repair serios rust damage, but she's solid now, also spent alot of time removing undercoat

    Started putting tub kit in...
    2809041.jpg 2809042.jpg

    Also worked on fabbing the rest of the street cage...

    So much has been cut out we don't even need jack stands, she just floats. Oh boy this is a lot of work, I think it'll be worth it though.
  8. coming along nicely...cant wait to see a finished project
  9. wow looks great... subscribing
  10. At this point it's hard to believe it will end up a finished project, but it will.
  11. Thats sick as hell!!!

    I wish i could weld and fab up stuffs
  12. Hurry up Terry, only a few months left before the season starts, lol.
  13. We were actually talking about bringing it out with wheels and tires, smoothed engine bay, stock motor(dressed up a bit) in black primer.:shrug: Need more funds for motor, trany, interior and paint, or sell the 93 Cobra or the Turbofox. Actually got someone pretty hot on the red/black car but it would be hard to part with.
  14. You wouldn't dare...

    would you?

    Good stuff in here btw :nice:
  15. I dunno Dave it would be tough like you selling Sonic Cherry, would really like to get this car done though.

    Well the rest of my Weldcraft order arrived on Friday- looks good.

    Fabbed up my deep sump tank...


    Also fabbed the battery box, recessed in the trunk and got both battery box and fuel tank mounted

    Working on the floor of the trunk and installing the shocks to complete the mini tub, more pics to come.
  16. you really dont waste any time
  17. I can't imagine ever doing that. Whatever amount of money I'd settle on, no one would ever offer in this lifetime :p
  18. Got the trunk floor fabbed up and in, and check out this hammered paint we are using on the frame and other underbody parts, also gonna use it on the street cage and interior.

  19. That looks great! Is it used through a spray gun or rattle can? I've seen in a rattle can and wondered how good it was.