Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. No problem, my shop always has someone hanging out, probably hardly notice you.:rlaugh:

    No, just the pic.

    The wife and I sucessfully got the motor back in the engine bay AGAIN, without a scratch. Maybe ready to fire again over the weekend.


    Don't if anyone has any experience with this product used to coat header wrap, but I'm trying it. The color on the wrap I used did not hold up well. The can said to cure them @ 450 after, so i did, smoked like a mother. They look great if it holds up.

  2. almost time to start a new one now
  3. Not trying to bore everyone, just wanted to have the documentation on my build thread. A few more updates and I'll be done, i hope.
  4. Incredible work as always, Terry. It just doesn't get any nicer. Period.
  5. Oh i dont think your boring anyone, even a blind person on a brail computer is in awe at all the cool stuff your doing.

    more sarcastic

    keep up the good work
  6. CONGRATS!!!!

    Just got my 5.0 mag in the mail, car looks great!!!
  7. WHAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, OMG I didn't get mine yet.
  8. I have to say I think that this is probably the best looking build up on this board. The work is first class, the car is awesome.

    Don't you have problems w/ the wrap turning the metal underneath into brittle junk after 6 months?. The mild steel headers I wrapped all fractured at the welds after that period of time.

    AND,...what is the lift rating (in pounds) of the hood lift shocks?
  9. Thanks, the headers have been wrapped now for a year with no issue. Don't know the lift rating but I'm sure it's on Redline Tunings website.

    This is a great way to end the build, after 2 years of hard work...
  10. great job!!!!!!!!! with this build terry when you used to say we are doing this and we are doing that i assummed you had a shop and a team building this work of art.i am shocked and envious to now find out that your wife helped you build this car. you are one lucky man congrats again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. +1, agreed.

    On another note when will the following products hit the market?
    1. Wiper motor relocation brackets.
    2. Roll bar.
  12. Just a couple quick updates, i didn't realize I never gave a pic of the updated engine bay

    And we have been blessed with another feature
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  13. So freaking cool... I'm sorry if you already said so but what PS and ALT bracket is that? Thanks, Scott
  14. Wow, congrats, it's beautiful.
  15. Lets trade:D

    Every time I see it, I just love this car. I `think I got a decent start on mine, but it'll never equal the flat out cool factor your car bleeds all over the place!:nice:
  16. Thanks, they are brackets I fabbed as the power steering one is unavailable to purchase,as it chages the stock position to get the pump away from the turbo. Similar to March pulleys.

    Thanks, man.

    Oh, man, your car is amazing, I think ya probably got me beat on cool factor. Thanks for the compliment though. I hope you are still going to Bowling Green this weekend, wish we could go, good luck on the shoot.
  17. I can't wait til I can finally see this car and meet you and Julie in person someday next season.

    Fantastic ride for sure. :nice: