Started the 84 t-top coupe

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    This car is coming along great. I wish I had the cash to do this. I honestly have (most) of the skills to fab things like this, just never the money do to so. *sigh* maybe one day when I get out of the AF and get a real job I'll be able to do something like this.

    For the guys like me, keep up the good work, its an inspiration to all of us.

  2. sweet build! go figure theres a t top noth here close to me for sale for $500 no motor no trans. but go figure i'm on unemployment :nonono: if i was working i'd pick it up the day it went up for sale! if it were me i'd sell the 93 cobra to fund this,but not you turbo stang.peace

  3. I sprayed it out of my gun but I had to add 8oz. of xylene to it to thin it enough to spray with. We are even thinking about doing the wheels we have in mind with it. The pics don't do it justice, it's great for underneath the car cause you don't get flat spots and it dries really fast.
    DrMaxit , I really don't have that much in it so far, the quarter and doors were bought cheap at swap meets a I quess the most is in the Weldcraft mini tub kit, but it came all unassembled so I had to weld it all up, the street cage is just the money in tube.
    It is getting pretty tempting to sell thay nice 93 Cobra though. Probably got to much history with trbofox to let it go. More pics tommorow got the tank and battery box installed and painted.
  4. Man I wish I had your motivation and drive!

    Looking badass!
  5. I don't have skills like this therefore I must live vicariously through you. Therefore I command you to continue building!
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. It is definitely full steam ahead.
  7. I love that hammered paint, I brushed it on my bell housing and it came out sick, no brush marks at all. Its almost like powder coating! I was thinking about doing my trans too but ran out of time and just put it in my car un painted, its a t5 so its probably gonna break anyway. lol Car looks great man, this thing is gonna come out awesome!
  8. Brian, from seeing your car I don't think your lacking either.

  9. Same here, lovin this hammered paint. I painted some with a brush too and it looks as good as what I sprayed. I'm thinking it will look like powder coating on rims. Thanks.
  10. Little more progress, got the seat brackets fabbed up and welded in


    Got fuel tank and battery box hung

    Wow, how wide of a rim and tire is gonna fill that space:rlaugh:


    Ya know we threw these 93 Cobra rims on here cause we had em laying around, but I like the way they look on this four eyed coupe. What does anyone think about me widening the back rims to 12'' and painting them this black chrome hammered paint?

  11. you do some nice work man...i say go with those wheel...just have the rear cut and made bigger..would be one of a kind
  12. Widen the cobra's and paint em with that paint FTW!

    Where do you get that paint from?
  13. maybe I mised it but what are your plans for this including engine combo etc. ?
  14. It is new, and it's Rustoleum hammered seems to be found wherever you find Rustoleum paints. I'm really liking it.
  15. We intend on doing up as much as the other car, but the theme is going to be more of a street cruiser, keeping lots of foureyed cues. As for engine, the plan is for the new Boss block with some twin turbos but for this summer the stock engine is going back in, all dressed up and some parts that we have laying around from other projects. I think it will stay an auto but it is being changed to EFI.
  16. Pretty disappointed when I pulled off the front clip. Of course, more cancer, will we ever be free of it?


    Kinda felt like pulling a bad tooth here, maybe we could get the dirtiest, nastiest motor award.

    It's pretty weird, the differences from the aero nose to the foureye, like this shot of the parking lights in the bumper support.
  17. im sure youll have a blast with that engine bay :nice:
  18. Lookin good! shame about the cancer but you'll get it taken care of. :nice:
  19. hey that water pump looks new(ish) at least :nice:

    i'm sure that rust doesn't stand a chance with you behind a welder, how is the frame itself and the strut towers?
  20. Not as good as I hoped they were. After a nice bath in stodard solvent heres what we're lookin at.






    Repairing all of this rust is sooo frustrating cause I could be making progress on important mods and details, but I was to cheap to start off with a better car, and couldn't resist that it was a real factory 5.0 t-top.