Started the 84 t-top coupe

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  1. I will say it this way, I'm happy he got the car, a lesser guy would toss that one away and start with a different one. Awesome seeing that particular car getting a full redo!!!
  2. I wish i had the facilities to do that work.. Simply awesome!!!! :nice::nice:
  3. Well, finally worked on somthing over the weekend besides rust repair. Feels like we're moving ahead on a modification for a change.

    Wifey kept busy with interior primer.
  4. lookin good..
  5. Really pumped about this progress because we are officially done with RUST!!!!!

    O.K. what do you get when you cross a piece of rocker from a Dodge Dakota,a piece of quarter from an aero nose fox and a peice of quarter from a foureyed coupe? Yes, a new rocker for RUSTY...ahhhhhh
    Five pieces later, success... march8rockerrestore004.jpg

    Also got all the welding in the engine bay complete a little more grinding and on to mud.


    This is good because we really need to paint so we can tell if the color we picked is gonna be right. One hint, it probably isn't gonna be white.
  7. This thread is like Christmas morning :D
  8. you have some skillz, that's for sure man. keep up the good work!
  9. Thanks Cenok. Well, we are done grinding now we're playing in the mud. Paint color is getting closer!

  10. This is the best progress thread, ever!!
  11. Thanks for saying that, cause I get worried that we're boring people. I'm glad we're doing it cause it forces us to take the pics, we never had pics of doing the other car.
  12. Seriously.. This thread is bad ass the more pics the better!!!! :nice::nice:
  13. I love this thread...

    One question, why did you leave the hole on the drivers side strut tower? Just wondering?
  14. I love this thread....awesome work man....its gonna be a bad ass ride
  15. Keep it up, your inspiring me thats for sure! Every time i open the hood now I contemplate smoothin a few things out lol.
    Keep us posted!

  16. That's where the brake lines are going through. The question should be , where are you putting the windshield wiper motor?:D
  17. I love this thread! wow I cant believe the progress!!! wow...