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  1. Hey guys need some help here. i got an 1986 mustang with the tranny from mustang II c4 automatic it has the 141 tooth flex plate. i have the mini starter in it but its binding and grinding. the regular starter wont fit because it hits the oil pan. does the mustang II starters have a different amount of teeth on starter than the there mustang starters? im not sure how many teeth are on any of them. but all help will b appreciated. thank you
  2. Hi Brian! Seems we had a starter discussion here not too long ago, so I will refer you there. It should be on the first page of posts. Try this link, it should take you straight to it: I posted the 4th post about starters and there is a link to some good information regarding Ford starters. Try looking there, if you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to ask again and I'm sure someone can answer you.
  3. i figured it out. i found the starter that i needed kinda. i found the part number for the automatic trans starter it is 3124 and i got the shim part number also which is 02359. this year starter has 9 teeth on it. so i just gotta find a mini starter that matches it.
  4. My c-4 transmission is from a 76 MII Cobra. 144 tooth flywheel. If I remember correctly, my starter would throw too deep into the flywheel so I shimmed the starter away from the flywheel with a washer between the starter and transmission. I found my receipt from when I bought a starter in 2001. NAPA Part number 449628. $59 back then.
    The buyers guide shows it was popular. It fit many applications from 1962 to 1977.
  5. that starter there would hit my oil pan i need to find a mini starter