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  1. Hey I have a 86 t-top that im fixing up. I found a deal on a bellhousing, tranny, flywheel, and clutch out of a 95 model 5.0. Everything bolted up great but I bought a starter for a 95, and it will spin and engage but doesn't make contact with the flywheel at all. It just spins wide open and freely. What could my problem be??:shrug: I'm all out of ideas, so if anyone has a idea i welcome it! Thanks!!
  2. Are you sure all the parts are from a 95, 94 -95 bells are car specific and are thicker than 86-93
  3. Yes they should be, unless the guy is BSin me on somethin. The tranny, flywheel, and clutch came out of his 1995 5.0 cobra. The bell housing is off of a 95 v6 mustang could that be my problem? Thanks for the help!!
  4. That could be the problem, just buy a different starter to see if it fits and take it back and try again if it doesn't. Take your current starter with you to compare sizes though.
  5. pull the starter and take it in somewhere and have it tested. make sure the gear engages. i've seen new starters and alternators be bad from the get-go. if it works fine, then ask to look at a 95 v6 starter and a starter for a fox and compare them with your 95 v8 starter.
  6. I check it and the gear engages fine and spins. Also they told me that the starter for v6 and v8 is the same one. The part number is P3205S. Man! this is drivin me nuts haha:bang: Thanks for the help so far guys!
  7. I was thinking maybe the block plate is a 164 deal and placing the starter away from flywheel too far
  8. Sounds like the starter drive is no good. It might spin and not engage meaning the drive is not throwing itself out to engage the flywheel. Take it and have it tested.
  9. dude! the freaking problem is the flywheel is a 157 tooth, and a 164 tooth bellhousing. period!
  10. Okay so the deal with the flywheel teeth is 157 is v8 and 164 is v6??? Because everything is out of a 95 5.0 cobra, and the only thing v6 is the bellhousing. Clear this up for me if you don't mind. Thanks!!!
  11. the bellhousing is wider than it should be on a 157 tooth setup so your starter is pushed farther outward away from the flywheel that is why you cannot get it to engage the flywheel
  12. it dont make a **** what v6 v8 whatever. i dont know the years/makes whatever... some cars have the large flywheel, and some have the small flywheel.
    you have to have a matching bellhousing and flywheel.
    large bellhousing+large flywheel=correct
    small bellhousing+small flywheel=correct
    so you can either change to a larger flywheel
    or find the smaller bellhousing
    whatever floats your boat!
  13. Flywheels for a V6 and a V8 are the same. 157 teeth are the manual flywheels 164 teeth are the auto flywheels. Just counted my man flywheel to double check. Its 157.So its not the flywheel. There should be cover that you can take off should be on front of bellhousing. Take that off. Have someone hit the key and look up in there at the starter with a light to see what is happening. Do you have the plate in between the motor and trans on.
  14. maybe i am not being clear.
    autos can have 164 or 157
    manuals can have 164 or 157
    here is 4 part numbers 2 for auto 2 for manual
    529618-tci 157 tooth auto small
    529628-tci 164 tooth auto large
    1527-RAM billit manuel small
    1505-RAM billit manuel large
  15. Factory flywheels are what I stated. The ones you posted are performance ones from TCI and Ram.
  16. I ran into same problem it has to be the flywheel. I ran into this with a c4 conversion on my 90 coupe. Double check the flywheel gaurantee you have large bellhousing with small flywheel.

  17. i think you are correct.
    the only flexplate for an aod that i know of is a 164.
    however i know for a fact! that the c4 trans uses both a 157 and a 164 (i have a few of both)
  18. Right but this guy is putting a T-5 in from a 95 cobra, in his 86. A flywheel for a T-5 is 157 teeth.
  19. Yes i do hve the dust plate on, i will take it off today and check it out. If it turns out to be a flywheel i have a guy that will trade me some stuff for one thanks guys, I will let you know how it turns out!!
  20. Just take the starter out or check it out with a light and crank it and see if the bendix is pushing the gear out, if so starter is good and wired up correctly, Keep this in mind...In 93+ they used different starters, (PMG I believe they were...permanent magnet starters, much smaller and were wired differently than the 86-92 stangs). Using a 93 starter on an older stang is kinda considered an upgrade since they're ALOT lighter and smaller (nice for header clearance) and supposedly have more torque. On my 87 stang and up till 92 there was only a Thick Red wire going down to the starter, (that's what you have right?) the current was controlled via the solenoid on the fenderwell and was only live with the key in start. On the 93 and up stangs there's a thick red 12V wire going to the starter LIVE ALL the time AND a small ignition wire to engage the solenoid ON the starter to send the live 12V to the starter to crank AND power to the bendix to pop the gear out. What I'm getting at is in 86-92 years as soon as the stud coming out of the starter got 12 volts it would automatically pull out the gear in the starter AND turn the starter on BUT with a 93+ starter the solenoid On the starter controls the gear to come out. SO it could be that you just hooked up the RED cable to the lower post (there's 2 right?) on the starter (which will only turn the starter over but not bring the gear out). If this is the case which I think it is, you will need to bring down the wire from the push on connector on your fenderwell solenoid and bring it down the solenoid onto your 95 solenoid on the starter (there was a little length of yellow wire that came with the 95 starter right? if not there's a little male connection on it you would hook it too. )and put the thick red wire you have going to the starter on the other post on your fenderwell solenoid.

    Let me know what you find out and good luck