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  1. Yeah it took some trial and error but the starter is wired up right. i put the power wire to the top post and ran a ground to the smaller one. It works great, the bendix pushes out and it spins also, it just doesnt hit the fly wheel. It turns out that i am going to have to get the 164 tooth flywheel. it will give me the 1/2 to 3/4 bigger diameter that i need to get it engaging. Thanks to all the help from this forum fellas!!:nice:
  2. just get a 87-93 bellhousing 157 tooth
  3. you are correct about what he needed. a v6 manual flywheel is 164 teeth 14" 1/4 in diameter, the 157 tooth is 13" 1/4 in diameter. just ran into same problem putting 5.0 into a 2000 v6 body with v6 t-5 tranny. had to get a flywheel for a 92 f-150 5speed, that way it would be 164 teeth for the bellhousing and 50 oz. balance for the 5.0 motor. I know your posting was a long time ago, but maybe this info will help others in the future.